Monorocket Modular Synthesizer Cases

monorocket-modular-synthesizer-caseMonorocket has introduced a new line of modular synthesizer cases:

We’re excited to join an ever expanding list of new companies in a growing modular synthesis market.
The Eurorack space alone has nearly doubled in the last year, bringing diversity and even more original ideas at a rate faster than the 3 years that preceded it.

While more designers are developing new tools to generate and manipulate the waveforms, Monorocket seeks to offer newer and more personal solutions to the way modular users interface with them.

Check out the product pages. If you see something you’re interested in – or even if you don’t – contact one of our authorized dealers with your feedback/ideas (or you can contact us directly). We’re ready to build the way you want to play.

TrashAudio has an interview with Steve at Monorocket, who explains what makes their cases special:

Monorockets features fall into three categories: Individual appearance, Individual Application, Pricing Options.

Individual appearance: 40 plus shades/textures of tolex, ATA cases have a choice of veneers (solid colors, metal flake etc)

Individual Application: we’ll vary dimensions to accommodate specific gear set ups, include routed cable channels, create gear mounting solutions, add circuitry and power options (you personally asked about switchable input voltages – 120v vs 240v – it’s already being explored)

Pricing Options: more price tiers between bottom and top No wheels on anything yet. But if that’s what you want, we can do it.

Cases range in price from $500-1,000. Monorocket also handles custom design work.

Custom Pelican Case Mod For Live Electronica

YouTube Preview Image

Pelican Case MOD – Live Setup

This video demos a custom live electronic music rig designed to need minimal floor space and a single power outlet.

via autoflavour:

The setup consists of a modified pelican case that enables the rack mounting of equipment. This means I can be setup and ready to play in under 4 minutes. Hardware includes Virus Snow, Virus C, M-Audio Audiophile, Numark CM200USB 5 Channel Mixer, Novation SL25 Compact, iPod + TouchOSC.

The custom patch bay includes XLR Lamp XLR & RCA OUT, RCA IN to Channel 5 fader, RCA IN to input on Virus C, RCA IN to line in on m-audio.

I decided to use the M-Audio Audiophile as the primary sound device over the the inbuilt USB audio in the Numark CM200USB. The reasoning for this was purely down recording latency and routing configurations.

I do however have the CM200USB and the M-Audio set up as a aggregate device in OSX, enabling me to speak to both devices from Ableton.

The TouchOSC patch is a custom one built using the beta TouchOSC editor.

A quick explanation of the Audio routing page in the TouchOSC template.
This page was created only yesterday as a way to easily route audio to the Atomizer on the fly. I simply created 2 Sends channels and routed all Audio to SENDS ONLY in Ableton. Then assigned the individual SENDS dials to each button, effectively creating on off switched. This enables me to easily select the output I would like a track to take.

Not shown in this video, Controlling the Virus C.
Basically I have split the Novation into 2 zones. The first zone (1 Octave) controls the Atomizer via direct MIDI cable between the devices, where as the second zone (rest of the octaves) are routed to the USB cable which is then passed through Ableton to the Virus C via the M-Audio. To switch between keyboard control of either device, I simply shift octaves.

For those interested, the case weighs approx 16kg and due to the bolts in the sides, it is no longer water proof, however the rubber washers do protect it from most water (It is just not submersible anymore)

Gator Introduces New G-Tour CD/Mixer Cases

Gator DJ Case

Gator has released another new series in the G-Tour lineup of cases. The G-Tour CD/Mixer cases are designed to hold two CD players and one 10″ mixer all in one rolling case. Removable slats in the front and rear of the case allow use of front-loading CD players while in the case.

Each side and middle of the case adjusts to fit various models and is offered in two sizes, the G-TOUR CD/MIX-9×12 and the G-TOUR CD/MIX-13×17. The cases also come with adhesive backed EVA foam blocks to ensure proper fit.

The G-TOUR CD/Mixer Series features shocking red Penn Elcom recessed MOL twist latches and spring loaded rubber gripped handles as well as heavy-duty Penn Bright zinc plated hardware.

New Backpack Designed For DJs

DJ BackpackUltimate DJ Gear has announced the new Creator Backpack, a backpack designed for DJs.

The backpack features water resistant ballistic nylon and an automatic LED light for illuminating the interior of the bag. The UDG Creator Backpack is designed to hold Serato SL gear, laptops, mixers, vinyl, and more.

Constructed of durable water resistant ballistic nylon, the UDG Creator Backpack features EVA padded walls with removable padding insert with bubble protector for a custom and secure fit, ultra comfort moisture absorbent shoulder strap, durable handle grip, hidden rain cover, multi-function pockets, and rear organizer pocket.

Two padded pockets are provided for Serato unit and headphones, and other features include durable zippers with lockable heads, Ultra comfort compartment with MP3 holder and CD storage, and protective rubber feet.

Bag dimensions are 20″ (h), 13″ (d), 7lbs, 24ltr (volume).

With optional PDA/Phone pouch, headphone and laptop Creator hard case.

Gator Intros Keyboard Bags

gator keyboard bagsGator has released a new series of durable, affordable keyboard bags.

The GKBE has a 600-Denier Nylon exterior, and a 190-Denier nylon interior with 10mm of protective padding.

These simple, envelope-style keyboard bags are designed for “Casio” style keyboards and also include a nylon web carry handle and stuGKBE’s are available to fit 61-, 76- and 88-note keyboards.

More information is available at the Gator Cases site.

SKB Case

SKB Cases manufactures shipping cases for musical instruments, including keyboard cases, racks, and cases designed especially for dj equipment.

The first SKB case was made out of a Anaheim, California garage in 1977. Since then, SKB has grown to make cases for hundreds of companies in many industries.

An independent testing laboratory recently tested SKB cases against other cases, and found them to be stronger and more durable. Part of the reason is that SKB cases measure about 1″ thick, where many cases are only .9″ thick. Because of the extra attentiion to durability, SKB offers a lifetime warranty on its cases.