Misa Kitara – Hot New iPad Guitar

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This video takes a look at one of Stuff.TV’s top 10 Gadgets of CES 2011 – the Misa Kitara:

It was tough, but we’ve passed judgement on 10 of the hottest and coolest gadgets at CES 2011. The Kitara is a futuristic electronic guitar with a multi-touch screen, gesture recognition and a library of over 100 different sounds.

See our earlier post on the Misa Kitara for more info. More Misa Kitara video from CES below. Continue reading

Ion Piano Master Turns Your iPad Into A Synthesizer Workstation

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Ion plans to release the Piano Master in late spring 2011, allowing the iPad to form the brains of a synthesizer.


  • 49-note keyboard controller for iPad
  • Core MIDI compliant – works with any standards-compliant music app
  • Integrated speakers allow for audio output from connected iPad
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Stereo headphone output

Details to come.

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CES Preview: World’s First All-Digital iPod Dock

Wadia itransportCES: Wadia Digital will introduce what they claim is the world’s first all-digital iPod dock.

According to Wadia, this means it can offer CD-quality from full-resolution file formats.The iTransport (SRP: $349) turns your iPod into a high-end media server by providing a bit-perfect digital audio output to an audio/video system, bypassing the player’s internal D/A conversion and output stage. The iTransport is compatible with all currently available (Q1 2008) iPod players, as well as iPhone and iPod Touch models.

“Until now, there has been no real bridge between the convenience of an iPod and the high-end audio listening experience,” commented John W. Schaffer, President, Wadia Digital. “The goal of making the player a true high-end media server has been hampered by the need to send the digital signal through a portable player’s D/A converter rather than that of a high performance audio system.

“We designed iTransport to bypass the player’s converter and output stage altogether. When used with an iTransport, the iPod becomes a digital music source equal to some of the finest sounding transports in the high-end audio market.”