Can Anyone Explain The Video Pizza?

The Original Video Pizza DVD by Wolf Choir is advertised as “a one of a kind way to spend the evening!”

A full hour of rotating pizza montage with soothing sizzling sound effects, adds the perfect ambience to any party experience!

When the pizza ends, simply push play and watch again and again! For more information
about VIDEO PIZZA and other WOLF CHOIR albums, visit us on the web at:

If you’ve got any idea what the heck this is about, or any info on the cheesetacular synth music, let me know in the comments!

via WFMU

Claude Denjean And The Moog Synthesizer

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Claude Denjean And The Moog Synthesizer


A clip from a 70’s Mooged-out album – Claude Denjean And The Moog Synthesizer on United We Stand, 1971.

Cover Text: On this LP Claude Denjean comes to terms with the problem by giving the Moog its rightful place in a fair exchange between synthesizer and orchestra. To excitting settings of twelve great hit songs, this LP really gives you the Moog, in all its electronic glory. That plus the stereo excellence of Phase 4 adds up to irresistible listening.