Free Ableton Live Rack – AfroDJMac Nintendo

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AfroDJMac is on task and sends word of another one of his weekly freebies for Ableton Live:

Hello friends at Synthtopia 🙂 It’s that time of week again, another Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack Download.

This one samples a Nintendo using a MidiNES by wayfar. Thank you and enjoy!

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The Best Thing Of The Week? The Chip Tune Crooner Does “Brandy”

Robert Thoth, aka The Chiptune Crooner, sent word to us about his new video, a cover of the 70’s classic, Brandy.

And I’m glad, because it’s about the best thing ever, if not the week.

The Chip Tune Crooner and his 8-Bit Orchestra play classic pop songs, using Commodore 64’s, NES, Gameboys. Thoth is backed by the dancing Croonettes and 8-bit visuals.

Word to every electronic musician ever, besides Robert Thoth – get yourself some backup dancers already.

You can find out more about The Chiptune Crooner at his Facebook page.