SquareSynth 8-Bit Style Synth Updated With AudioBus


Developer James Navarro let us know that he’s updated SquareSynth, an 8-bit style software synthesizer, based on the NES, adding AudioBus and more.

SquareSynth is a table-based synthesizer, and NES simulator for iOS, based on old-school chiptune trackers. Using the tables you can create sounds similar to 8-bit game consoles, and computers.  Continue reading

Mario Gets His Own Band – Of Music Robots

This video, via roboband, demonstrates a custom system that allows for Nintendo gameplay audio to be automatically performed on an acoustic player piano and robotically controlled percussive instruments.

The piano and percussion play live during actual gameplay, mirroring the sounds that would normally be created electronically.

All audio, including music and sound effects, is translated in realtime so that it is produced by the instrument most closely resembling the characteristics of the original electronic sound. Continue reading

Chiptune Runner Is Part Video Game, Part Chiptune Sequencer

Evil Indie Games has introduced Chiptune Runner – an indie music app that’s part video game and part chiptunes sequencer:

Take your hero on an exciting journey through platform levels, fight epic battles against bosses, make your own chiptunes, be the Chiptune Runner!

Here are the details…. Continue reading