Mario Gets His Own Band – Of Music Robots

This video, via roboband, demonstrates a custom system that allows for Nintendo gameplay audio to be automatically performed on an acoustic player piano and robotically controlled percussive instruments.

The piano and percussion play live during actual gameplay, mirroring the sounds that would normally be created electronically.

All audio, including music and sound effects, is translated in realtime so that it is produced by the instrument most closely resembling the characteristics of the original electronic sound. Continue reading

Chiptune Runner Is Part Video Game, Part Chiptune Sequencer

Evil Indie Games has introduced Chiptune Runner – an indie music app that’s part video game and part chiptunes sequencer:

Take your hero on an exciting journey through platform levels, fight epic battles against bosses, make your own chiptunes, be the Chiptune Runner!

Here are the details…. Continue reading

ALM Sid Guts Puts C64 Sound Into A Eurorack Module

alm-sid-guts-moduleALM has introduced the Sid Guts – a new Eurorack module basd on the sound generator chip used in the Commodore 64.

The MOS Technology 6581/8580 ‘Sound Interface Device’ chip, aka the ‘SID’, was the sound generator chip used in the Commodore 64 home computer. The SID, by the means of 3 wavetable oscillators, a real analogue multi mode filter, an ADSR and various cross modulation options, provided the soundtrack to a generation of computer gaming.

The Sid Guts takes the legendary SID chip and tailors it into the Eurorack modular environment. By use of a real SID chip, the classic sound is taken in a new direction with the levels of direct and voltage control only a modular system can offer.

Here’s a video introduction to the Sid Guts: Continue reading

New 8-Bit Chiptune Synth For iPad, Sidpad


Developer Alex Smith has introduced Sidpad – an 8-bit style chiptune synth for the iPad.


  • 3 Voice Synthesizer – Over 40 controllable parameters to create a wide range of 8 bit chip-tune sounds. All knobs are MIDI controllable.
  • Multimode Filter – includes Type, Cutoff, Resonance and customizable Cutoff Envelope
  • Flexible Modulation – Hand draw up to 4 graphs and assign them to the synth’s parameters to add movement and expression to your sound
  • Wavetable Editor – The 16 step wavetable editor lets you set up sound effects and arpeggiated melodies. You can sequence notes and waveform changes either as one shot or in a loop and vary the speed
  • Help Mode – Every feature is explained via the help button to get you up and running with SidPad regardless of your synthesizer experience.

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Rhythm Core Alpha 2 Debuts For Nintendo DSi and 3DS

Game developers Soft Egg have announced a new version of their “music creation system” for the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS game consoles.

Rhythm Core Alpha 2 is a combination of a drum machine, a sequencer (with special key changing ability) and a solo synthesizer, “a combination designed for composing and performing live music.” As with the original, there is a 12 track drum sequencer, and 8 track piano-roll style melody/ bass line sequencer, a pattern arrangement mode, and the live solo synthesizer, where a user can “solo” on the screen using the stylus. Continue reading

Pixel Heaven Celebrates Old School Entertainment

Pixel Heaven, via , celebrates 8-bit music, early video games, 70’s and 80’s tech, boomboxes and all sorts of old school entertainment. Continue reading

Free Album, Abinox, Features A ‘Super Setup’ Of Nostalgic Chips & Synths

Free Music Friday: Joe from video game music netlabel Pterodactyl Squad let us know about a new release, lpower’s Abinox:

The Canadian composer wanted to examine and explore how 16-bit video game soundtracks were put together in the old days, and he assembled a ‘super setup’ of nostalgic chips and synths (TurboGrafx-16, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, NES, OSCar synth, Yamaha DX7) with which to do so.

The music on Abinox does not always loop, allowing lpower more freedom than usual to study the emotions of in-game progression, the ups and downs, victories and failures. So rather than focus on a specific storyline or genre, Abinox is actually a game soundtrack about game soundtracks.

It’s available to download for free from the Pterodactyl Squad site.