Experimental Synth’s littleBits + Koushion + Ableton Demo

Chris Stack, aka Experimental Synth, has been working on a series of videos exploring possibilities with the new LittleBits MIDI and CV modules.

Stack says, “[In this video series] I was able to hook LittleBits into my DSI Pro 2, Moog Voyager, Ableton and Koushion in some really interesting ways, and the results were surprisingly musical, especially in this Koushion + Ableton video. This was a lot of fun… I wish they’d had these when I was a kid.”
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Experimental Synth’s Chris Stack On The Art + Music + Technology Podcast

experimental-synth-chris-stackMulti-instrumentalist Chris Stack (ExperimentalSynth.com), right, is featured in a new interview in the Art + Music + Technology podcast.

Here’s what host Darwin Grosse has to say about the interview:

Chris Stack is about as multiply-experienced as anyone you can imagine.

He was a marketing manager at Moog Music, and was instrumental in the launch of the Moog Guitar. He’s been working with Paul Vo on his new and unique brand of synthesis. And he runs a little site called ExperimentalSynth.com that highlights interesting new developments in music hardware, and keeps an active feed on Facebook that keeps all of us up-to-date with cool videos.

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Kie Cochran and the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer

From Chris Stack: “Kie Cochran takes the Vo-96 for a spin. Audio recorded with the guitar’s built-in piezo pickup. A bit of Line 6 Echo Pro added for sweetening.”

More information about the Vo-96 acoustic synthesizer is at the VoInventions website.

We’ve written before about the Vo-96 and shared some music videos featuring the instrument; you can browse through them here.

Vo-96 Acoustic Synth Improvisation, By ExperimentalSynth’s Chris Stack

Here’s another sneak preview of the Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer – a new prototype synth, designed by Moog Guitar creator Paul Vo.

While a traditional synth lets you work with sound by generating and shaping electrical or digital representations of sound waves, Vo’s new design lets you control and shape the vibrations of physical objects. Vo’s initial prototypes attach to an acoustic guitar.

This Vo-96 Improvisation comes via Chris Stack. Stack is the synth guru behind ExperimentalSynth.com.

Stack explains:

I was trying to explore the territory just outside the standard guitar space. I kept the harmonic content and motion fairly close to the standard guitar tone and went for an open, legato feel. I think I am a frustrated cellist at heart and the ability to play those longer notes really appeals to me.

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Ambient Improvisation For Piano & iPad

YouTube Preview Image

Sunday Synth Jam; This Improvisation for ‘Piano’ and iPad, via Experimental Synth guru Chris Stack, seems a perfect match for watching the wind blow the fall leaves, remembering the warm days of summer and thinking about the winter to come.

Technical details below:

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Koushion Step Sequencer Meets Moog, Ableton, And More

YouTube Preview Image

This official Koushion video, via kudzucreative, explores using the iPad step sequencer with a variety of Moog analog synths, the Moog Guitar’s filter and soft synths in Ableton Live.

Koushion connects to your existing MIDI hardware via the iRig MIDI from IK Multimedia or a USB-to-MIDI cable and the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. It also connects wirelessly to your DAW via a CoreMIDI (for OS X) or rtpMIDI (for Windows).


  • 16 steps per scene (up to 128 steps in chain mode)
  • 8 scenes with independent midi channel per scene
  • 4 playback modes: single, simultaneous, chain, rebound
  • Key switching between any major, minor, or pentatonic scale
  • Adjustable quantization (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 1/32)
  • Quantized scene switching
  • MIDI clock send/receive
  • Tap to set tempo (great for syncing with a live band)
  • Velocity control
  • Monophonic drawing mode (only allows one note per step; great for programming leads)
  • Wireless connectivity via CoreMIDI Network Sessions or rtpMIDI
  • Automatic integration with other apps via CoreMIDI virtual ports. Open up a synth in the background and Koushion will trigger the notes!

Koushion is available in the App Store for $9.99.