Electronic Music For Christmas


Tired of the Johnny Mathis and Bing Crosby?

How about some electronic music for Christmas, instead?

Syndae – an electronic music – has a Christmas 2009 Special Edition podcast full of tasty electronic goodness for you:

Christmas songs and carols, written or interpreted by well known artists from the electronic and new age music scene. Enjoy the wonderful and devotional sounds by Erik Wollo, Geigertek, Ilja, Jack Judson, John Dyson,Megatone, Michael Shipway, Picture Palace music ft. Amethyste, Ron Boots, Suzanne Ciani, Synth.NL, Terje Winther, and Voynich/Strellis.

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Sleigh ride With Spacedog (Troika, Lieutenant Kije, Prokofiev)

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Fireside music, performed for your enjoyment in one take after a couple of glasses at the Spacedog HQ, Christmas Eve 2008. Featuring Dolly, the Lakeland Terrier who has hurt her paw. 

Bell rig created and programmed by Sarah Angliss (Spacedog UK), camera Colin Uttley. Microphone-festooned coat hanger expertly held for the full three and a half minutes by Jenny Angliss.

The music is an adaptation of Troika, from Prokofiev’s Lieutenant Kije. Continue reading

Merry Christmas Synthmas Link Roundup

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Seriously Wacky Christmas Light Show with 3D moving snowflake movie created with Thousands of light bulbs. Music is “Barn Dance on Saturn” by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman. 

Here’s a Christmas synth link roundup for you. Until tomorrow, Merry Synthmas! 

  1. Get a free Windows gate effect for Christmas at Starplugs
  2. 15% off at DJ Tech Tools
  3. Holiday greetings from Gearjunkies
  4. Merry Christmas from Califaudio
  5. Happy Holidays from the employees of Moog Music
  6. Happy Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Yule/secular gift exchange/animist sacrificial ritual/whatever-the-fuck from Chris Randall
  7. Happy Holiday greetings at Bleepology
  8. Merry Christmas wishes from Lunar Experience
  9. The Christmas Records Time Forgot
  10. Synth.nl Christmas surprise on Syndae podcast
  11. Merry Christmas from Synthwood
  12. Lo Fi Christmas wishes from GetLoFi plus – free holiday music
  13. The computer’s first Christmas card, at inbetweennoise
  14. No longer forgotten Christmas music
  15. Happy holidays, merry christmas, happy channukah, happy kwanzaa, happy saturnalia from Moby
  16. Merry Christmas wishes from the Ambient Music Blog
  17. Merry Funkin Christmas from Stereogum & The New Kids On The Block
  18. Merry Christmas from Matrixsynth
  19. DJTapeson-Minority Christmas 2008
  20. Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence on Access Virus TI (pad), Moog Little Phatty (lead) and a Piano Plug-in.
  21. A Hot Butter Popcorn Christmas light show
  22. Amazing Grace Techno video at Beatbortal
  23. Christmas Theme via retrosound
  24. Christmas In Killarney with all of the folks at home playing Hammond Organ
  25. A Christmas Delight, from Tyler Matthew & Tyson Joel
And a little retro Christmas Tunes on the Hammond A100:
YouTube Preview Image