Open Mic: Did ‘Synther Claus’ Pay You A Visit?

Open Mic: For the holidays, our wish is that you have family, health and peace.

And, yes, since it’s Synthtopia, maybe some wicked gear under the tree, that new app that you’ve been wanting or some great new electronic music….

So, let us know if ‘Santa’ was good to you this year! Continue reading

‘Silent Night’, On Korg’s Module

Here’s a performance, via APP SOUND, of Silent Night, using

Studio Jam on the iPad for / on Christmas Eve, using the app KORG Module, playing a traditional christmas song.

Btw – I used the Program “Soft Tine EP” and modified it (= Stereo Tremolo, Amp Switch for a bit more Drive).

Free Ableton Live Pack – Christmas Bells


AfroDJMac sends his holiday wishes – and has a special Christmas-themed free download for Ableton Live for you:

The Christmas Bells Instrument is the 114th Free Ableton Live Pack I’ve released. It is made up of samples of church bells, as well as a Yamaha DX7 bells preset.

You can mix between the two layers of sound and sculpt them with effects and filters to fit your Holiday Music Making Needs.

Here’s the official demo video: Continue reading

Carol of the Bells, Performed By A Choir Of Vintage Computers

Here’s a bit of holiday cheer that takes makes clever use of vintage computer technology.

This year’s holiday e-card for The Glasgow School of Art was put together by alumnus James Houston, using a collection of vintage computer gear. In the video, an ensemble of vintage Mac computers, a Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum + 1 and a SEGA Mega Drive perform a rendition of Carol of the Bells. Continue reading