Carol of the Bells, Performed By A Choir Of Vintage Computers

Here’s a bit of holiday cheer that takes makes clever use of vintage computer technology.

This year’s holiday e-card for The Glasgow School of Art was put together by alumnus James Houston, using a collection of vintage computer gear. In the video, an ensemble of vintage Mac computers, a Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum + 1 and a SEGA Mega Drive perform a rendition of Carol of the Bells. Continue reading

Open Mic: Was ‘Santa’ Good To You This Year?

Open Mic: For the holidays, my wish is that you have family, health and peace.

And, yes, since it’s Synthtopia, maybe some wicked gear under the tree, that new app that you’ve been wanting or some great new electronic music….

So, let us know if ‘Santa’ was good to you this year!

Image: rthakrar

Free Live Pack – Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Synths

Free Music Software: AfroDJMac has a free live pack for you, inspired by the holidays:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope the season finds you in good health and great spirits.

I am writing to share a special Christmas themed Free Ableton Live Pack. It’s the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Synths!

I sampled a music box snow globe that features Charlie Brown and Snoopy celebrating around their infamous Christmas tree. The entire package contains 3 synths that are capable of sounds similar to a traditional music box, but can be morphed into trippy instruments with reverse looping, glitchy delays and pseudo-granular-style synthesis.

It’s a perfect free virtual stocking stuffer to treat yourself to!

It’s a free download at the AfroDJMac site.


An ARP Odyssey Christmas

Reader Stephen Alcorn let us know that he’s released an album of vintage holiday themed synth music.

An ARP Odyssey Christmas is an album of Christmas carols, recorded in 1976 entirely with an ARP Odyssey synthesizer.

The Odyssey is a monophonic synth, so each carol was multi-tracked, with up to seven parts.

The recordings aren’t studio-quality, as the album collects vintage ‘home-brew’ recordings. “This to me is really a bit of music history,” Alcorn notes, “that might be of interest to anyone who remembers, or is curious about, some of what was happening with electronic music in pre-digital times.”

You can read more about Alcorn’s vintage project below. An ARP Odyssey Christmas is available via iTunes & CD Baby.

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