Free Plugin ‘For Techno, House & Trance Producers’

free-vstNoisebud has released a free VST for Windows-based techno, house & trance producers, Lazy Kenneth:

Just in time for christmas we have this little spin off product ready, so go ahead and put it under your tree.

Lazy Kenneth will help those who don’t know how to use, or are too lazy to use sidechain to handle heavy basslines that collide with the bass drum in 4/4 music. That is music where you put a bass drum on all fours, techno, house, trance, minimal, tribal and so on. Put Lazy Kenneth on the bassline track and it will automatically duck the signal when the bass drum hits. You could place a LK on all tracks except the bass drum for some real heavy pumping effect.

It’s a free download at the Noisebud site.

Side-Chaining Electribes In Ableton Live

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This reader video tutorial takes a look at using side-chain compression in Ableton Live with hardware, in this case a pair of Korg Electribes:

Just wanted to share with you all my technique for doing side-chain compression on Electribes by running them thru Ableton Live. I use a combination of Audio and MIDI routing for a quick and easy effect.

via ‘Synthopia fan’ Tim Toner

How To Use Compressor (Ableton Live Tutorial)

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This tutorial video, via the guys at XSSR Academy, takes a look at using Compressor in Ableton Live.

XSSR’s Alex Mars covers the topic of compression in music and how various Compressor controls affect the sound.

While the demonstration focuses on Live, though, the concepts apply equally to using compressors in other DAWs and even hardware compressors.

via Andrew Apanov

Free New York Style Compressor For Ableton Live

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from AfroDJMac – but he’s back with another freebie for Synthtopia readers:

Greetings Synthtopians!

I’m writing with news of Free Ableton Pack #58: New York Style Compressor. This Ableton audio effect rack is set up for quick and easy parallel compression.

The macro knobs are all of your most commonly used controls for a compressor and allow you to mix the compressed signal with the original.

AfroDJMac has a brief description of how a compressor works at his site, along with details on the download.

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How To Make A Song Louder

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This video, by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd,  takes a look at how to make a song ‘louder’ – using mastering, multiband compression, EQ and limiting.

Besides looking at how to make a song loud, though, it looks at the pros and cons of chasing after loud tracks. Along the way, it demonstrates some of the compromises that are necessary to make a track louder and talks about why you might or might not want to make these compromises.

Shepherd also raises an interesting issue – ‘loudness potential’.

via masteringmedia