Rain Computers Intros Event A2 Mini Audio Computer

Rain Computers has released a new version of it’s Event Mini Audio Computer, the Event A2 (A for audio, 2 because it’s the second generation).

This is sort of the Windows parallel to the Mac mini – a $799 computer that packs a lot of power into a compact package.

Here’s what Rain has to say about the Event A2:

Since finding that the musical community was hungry for a low price, entry level system still capable of being the most powerful and stable platform for popular creative software like Pro Tools and Cubase, Rain has been on the hunt for ever increasing levels of power and flexibility while maintaining a budget-friendly price for those who can do without the ultimate in power (and expense).

“There are a lot of us here at Rain, including myself, who come from the songwriting and performance side of the music biz. We don’t need a super-power system to run a big studio; we’re just looking for a solid computer that will get out of the way while we’re doing a quick demo of a new song. That’s the type of artist Event A2 is perfectly designed for.” explained Rain Computers CEO, Kevin Jacoby.

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Open Labs Dell Touch Laptop

YouTube Preview Image

Open Labs has introduced the Touch Laptop – a mobile Windows computer optimized for music production.

The laptop is one of the results of Open Labs’ collaboration with Dell and features Intel Sandy Bridge processors, DDR3 memory and a 14″ Multi-Touch Screen..

Here’s what Open Labs has to say about the Touch Laptop:

With our new Dell partnership, we were able to build a customized laptop based off one of Dell’s most stable and powerful platforms. With complete control over the internal components, operating system, and custom tweaks, the Open Labs Touch Laptop was designed specificly for music creation and live performance.

It’s hardend tri-metal casing features an anodized aluminum back, a tough magnesium frame, and a zinc alloy latch. It also features a spill resistant backlit keyboard and a 360 degree bumper surrounding the touchscreen, making it a truly road ready machine.

Included with the Touch Laptop is our own Music OS 3 software. Designed for touch screen use, the fast and user friendly Music OS™ makes creating and performing with virtual instruments and effects easier than traditional DAW’s.

MimiK keyboard cloning software will clone the sounds of any midi equipped keyboard or hardware sound module. Put all your keyboards into your Touch Laptop.

The Open Labs Touch Laptop is priced starting at $1,499.

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Rain Launches New LiveBook A2 Quad-Core Mobile Audio Workstation

Rain Computers has released the follow up to their LiveBook Mobile Audio Workstation line, the LiveBook A2.

The LiveBook A2 (the “A” is for audio, the “2” because it’s the second generation) offers quad-core processing, discrete graphics and the choice of a glossy or matte high resolution 15.6 inch screen. The laptop has been designed ‘to guarantee the performance and stability audio pros and DJs demand during once-in-a-lifetime recording sessions, live shows and other situations where failure is not an option’.

The LiveBook A2 is available with a quad-core processor up to 2.5GHz, the option to add 16 gigabytes of memory, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics processor that can be switched off via a button on LiveBook to save battery power when you’re stuck on an airplane, and a bevy of high speed ports including USB 3.0 and eSATA.

The LiveBook A2 is certified for use with Pro Tools for audio production, Serato for DJs and the Adobe Master Collection.

Pricing starts at US $1599.

Rain Computers Debuts Nimbus M2 Audio + Video Workstation

Rain Computers NimbusRain Computers has released the Nimbus M2, ‘do-anything’ Windows multi-media workstation. The Nimbus M2 offers a 6-core processor, NVIDIA Quadro 600 Workstation Video Card and 8GB or 16GB of memory out of the box.

“The idea was to design the Swiss Army Knife equivalent of a workstation. Something just as good at crunching guitar tracks as it was at figuring out the lighting in a 3D model.” commented Kevin Jacoby, Rain Computers CEO. “But we also wanted it to be really affordable so we could offer it to the next generation of creative geniuses. We definitely got there and that’s the part we’re most excited about.”

Of particular note is the ability to expand the Nimbus M2 to 32 gigabytes of memory, the external hard drive bay allowing for a fast “hot swap” drive to be installed, and a cooling system that combines modular cooling fans with advanced acoustic insulation.

Nimbus M2 Multimedia Workstation is available now starting at $1599 through the Rain Custom Shop at RainComputers.com.

New Windows LiveBook V2 – “The World’s Most Powerful Laptop”

Livebook laptop computerRain Computers has announced the release of a new flagship laptop, the Intel quad-core powered LiveBook V2 Mobile Video + Graphics Workstation, a high-performance Windows laptop they describe as “the world’s most powerful laptop.”

LiveBook V2 is designed with audio, video and graphics production in mind.

Of particular note is the option to customize LiveBook V2 with a 2.5GHz Intel “Sandy Bridge” Core i7 quad-core processor, two high performance hard drives, a choice of NVIDIA GeForce or Quadro graphics and 32 gigabytes of memory.

The base price is $2499. Here’s what you get for that wad of cash.

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Music Computing Intros LokBOX Data Vault For Musicians

YouTube Preview Image

Music Computing has introduced a LokBox – a ‘personal data vault’ for musicians.

It’s unique, as far as we know – an 18 gauge steel case that contains a USB 2.0 hub for use with up to 4 USB devices. It can be locked using the keys provided, and a security cable is included so the LokBOX can be chained to any support structure for more security.

It can also be equipped with an optional 500GB SSD Hybrid hard drive for data storage.

“We hear about security all the time, but usually only react when things have gone wrong,” said Victor Wong, CEO, Music Computing, “LokBOX is a simple and elegant way to be proactive about the privacy of your personal data.”

Price for the LokBOX is $99. An optional 500GB SSD Hybrid drive is available for $199.

Rain Computers Intros High Performance Windows Media Workstation Computer

Rain Computers media workstationRain Computers has released Venturi, a high-performance computer that’s designed for media editng and production.


  • a quad-core or optional 6-core Intel Xeon processor
  • DDR3 triple channel memory a
  • Serial ATA drives capable of streaming up to 6 gigabits per second.
  • Window 7 Pro 64-bit, tuned by Rain for peformance.

Venturi is available now starting at $2,399 through select Rain Authorized Dealers.

NAMM News – Orange Amplifiers Intros OPC Guitar Amplifier + Recording Studio Workstation

Orange OPC Computer

2011 NAMM News: Orange Amplifiers is introducing the OPC – an all-in-one Guitar Amplifier and Recording Studio Workstation.

According to Orange, the OPC will be leading the way with a number of ‘Firsts’:

  • The first PC to feature an integrated audio interface enabling the user to plug in a guitar or microphone using a standard 1/4″ jack plug
  • The first computer of its kind to have built-in high powered speakers which deliver full range studio quality sound as well as producing vintage guitar sounds.

The OPC comes with the following software packages:

  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 including Custom Shop Orange Amps – Amp and Effects Modelling Software
  • Presonus Studio One Custom Orange Edition – DAW
  • Acoustica Mixcraft 5 – DAW
  • Toontracks EZdrummer Lite
  • Lick Library Player – Guitar learning and jamming centre

Details below.

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