deadmau5 Collapses On Stage, Cancels Upcoming Shows

Deadmau5 (Joel Thomas Zimmerma) collapsed Saturday night, while performing onstage at the 9:30 club in Washington DC, and has announced that upcoming Deadmau5 shows have been cancelled.

According to a statement at his site, Zimmerman is “suffering exhaustion and vomiting”:

Deadmau5 is sad to advise his fans that on the strict advice of the doctors, he now has no choice but to cancel the next 9 shows of his Summer tour schedule to allow for his recovery.

The dates affected are listed below. Continue reading

Robert Rich’s Other Side of Twilight

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Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist and ambient artist Robert Rich, who’s in the middle of a US tour, performs part two of his The Other Side of Twilight from the album Numena, at the Gatherings in Philadelphia, May 1, 2010.

Rich is on tour from April 25 through July 1, 2010 around North America. See this previous post about the Robert Rich tour or visit the Robert Rich site for more details.

Gary Wright’s Connected

Gary-Wright-Connected70’s space synth pop pioneer Gary Wright has a new album coming out June 8th, Connected.

“I named the album Connected because I believe we are all connected with one another and that our thoughts and actions have a great influence on our planet collectively,” explains Wright. “We, therefore, all need to work together in making this world a better place by manifesting more hope and more positive thinking wherever we go as well as doing our parts in creating peace and spreading it wherever we see darkness.”

Wright recalls the album’s genesis, “Right before I started the last Ringo All Starr tour in 2008 I began to write for what would be this new studio album. I wanted it to be in the same direction that my album The Dream Weaver was; not too over-produced. So I recorded a few tracks with my engineer Rob Calhoun, who was very helpful in running the technology part of the process and then I went on tour with Ringo. That September after the tour was over I went to Sardinia, Italy where I wrote more songs (on acoustic guitar) and returned home to finish writing and recording the album.”

Wright will be touring with Ringo Starr this summer. Details below. Continue reading

Cyber Rocker Michel Montecrossa Invites You To Be Part Of The Happy Future

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Cyber Rocker Michel Montecrossa invites you to the Happy Future & Climate Change Tour 2010.

We sing you all our new positive action and love-power songs. They are our happy answer to the climate change trouble surrounding us,” says Montecrossa.

“Be happy and be part of our happy future,” adds Montecrossa.  “Let’s be together.”

Rick Wakeman’s Son, Oliver Wakeman, Dons Father’s Cape, Rocks With Yes

oliver-wakemanThe Las Vegas Sun reports that Rick Wakeman‘s son, Oliver Wakeman, is donning his father’s cape – or at least walking in his footsteps – and rocking with progressive rock band Yes.

“(Yes) asked Dad if he had anybody he recommended, and he recommended me, which is very nice,” says Oliver Wakeman, 37, who was born the same year one of the most popular Yes albums, “Close to the Edge,” was released.

“I’ve always been a fan of that style of music,” says Wakeman.

“I do distinctly remember being 9 or 10 and having a record player in my room,” Wakeman says. “And the records I had were records that Dad had left behind when he moved out. I remember to this day, there were ‘Six Wives of Henry VIII,’ ‘Tales of Topographic Oceans’ and Styx’s ‘The Grand Illusion,’ and I thought they were great.”

Wakeman didn’t look to his father for advice on re-creating his classic sounds and Minimoog solos.

“He wouldn’t tell me and I wouldn’t ask,” he says. “We never really talk about music, to be honest with you. I just went to the job as if I was any other keyboard player that had gotten the job.”

Wakeman is touring with a rig of about seven or eight keyboards. “We’re very close with a lot of the sounds; they’re pretty authentic. I have a Mellotron sampler, and I use a new Moog (synthesizer) rather than one of the old ones, because the new ones have auto-tuners and things like that that keep them a lot more stable.”

Yes is on a 26-city US tour.