CV Toolkit Update Adds New Modules, New Scales & More


Spektro Audio let us know about a new update for CV Toolkit – their modular synth control app for Mac & Windows.

CV Toolkit 1.2 introduces a new Virtual Slot System. It lets the users change the modules inside the slots to customize the whole interface to their own needs.

Developer Icaro Ferre has also added:

  • 4 new modules (CV Recorder, Comparator, Morphing VCO and Clock Generator) that can be accessed via the Virtual Slot System;
  • 8 mode scales to the CV Quantizer;
  • Pitch Bend support; and
  • many minor improvements to existing modules.

Here’s a video intro to CV Toolkit 1.2: Continue reading

Pigtronix Intros Custom Shop Active Dual CV Expression Pedal

Pigtronix has introduced the Pigtronix Custom Shop Active Dual CV Expression Pedal – a new pedal that they say is the only active, CV-capable expression pedal available.

With a range of 0-5V, the Active Dual CV Expression is Eurorack-friendly and can also control other gear equipped with 0-5V CV inputs, including Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute, Studio Electronics BOOMSTARs, Tom Oberheim SEMs, and others. Continue reading

CV Toolkit Lets You User Virtual Modules With Hardware Analog Synthesizers


These videos offer an overview of CV Toolkit 1.1 –  a $19.99 standalone application that lets you use software modules to control analog synthesizers.

It works by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio interface or Expert Sleeper’s ES-3 module. The 1.1 version ships with 15 virtual modules that offer different modulation options such as LFO, sequencer, envelope generators, etc. CV Toolkit also has a MIDI to CV virtual module that let’s you calibrate your VCOs and play them in tune.

You can also use the Routing Matrix to route the output of any of any module to analog outputs, analyzers (LED / Oscilloscope) or even to the input of certain modules (S&H / Biased Switcher / Slew). Continue reading

CVToolbox Offers 24 LFOs, 16 EGs, 24 Mod Matrices

CV-toolboxKissBox has introduced the CVToolbox - a complete standalone synthesizer control engine, that replaces up to 24 Low Frequency Oscillators, 16 Envelope Generators, and 24 modulation matrices.

The CVToolbox is designed to work with any vintage or modern analog machine, modular or desktop format. You can then keep the space in your synthesizer rack for signal generation and processing modules, and control these modules directly by the CVToolbox.

The CVToolbox can be used in a completely standalone mode (controlled by a MIDI keyboard over RTP-MIDI, no computer being involved in the control scheme), but it can be used also as an expansion module for musical software like Max/MSP. You can then generate any control signal in the computer and send them to your hardware synthesizer in real-time, with full 16 bits precision.

A VST control plugin is also available, which allows you to control directly your analog synthesizer from any modern sequencer or Digital Audio Workstation. Continue reading

Elektron Analog Keys A ‘Flagship Analog Synth’, Here Are The Official Details


Elektron has officially introduced the Analog Keys – a flagship analog synthesizer that offers analog synthesis, digital controls, and ‘unprecedented playability’.

Key features include:

  • 100% analog signal path
    Two analog oscillators, two sub oscillators, dual analog filters and an analog overdrive circuit per voice provide that inimitable and organic sound.
  • Seamless integration with MIDI controller functionality, CV/Gate connectivity, assignable joystick and more
  • Fully customizable voice allocation lets you use it as a four voice synth, four independent synth, as a massive unison monosynth and anything in between
  • Dual filter action with 4-pole lowpass and 2-pole multi-mode filters
  • Effects including Wideshift Chorus, Saturator Delay and Supervoid Reverb
  • Built-in step sequencer
  • Flexible modulation architecture
  • Massive storage space lets you store over 4,000 sounds
  • Connections include individual stereo outs per voice, two audio inputs, two dual cv/gate outputs, USB & MIDI & DIN sync

We’ve got the full details, including video & audio demos, specifications, pricing and more. Check out the details and let us know what you think of the Elektron Analog Keys! Continue reading

Plankton Electronics Intos The Jellyfish DIY Double Delay

plankton-electronics-jellyfishPlankton Electronics has introduced The Jellyfish – a DIY double delay, with modulation options capable of a wide variety of sounds, from simple delay lines to crazy modulated stereo sounds.


  • Analog passive filters
  • CV inputs
  • Two LFOs
  • Infinite feedback switch
  • Xdelay function
  • Dry/Wet controls
  • Pseudo-stereo (1 in-2 outs) or mono mixed sound

Here are audio demos of the Jellyfish in action: Continue reading

Syntaur CVP-100 Control Voltage Pedal

syntaur-control-voltage-pedalSyntaur has introduced the CVP-100 Control Voltage Pedal – a pedal that you can patch into synths that accept control voltages to add control of volume, filter sweeps and more:

Similar to the classic Moog Model 1120 pedal, the Syntaur CVP-100 pedal is a control-voltage (CV) source for use with analog synthesizers. It generates a voltage, the level of which is controlled by the pedal, and by plugging the 1/4-inch phone plug into a CV input of a synthesizer, you can control filter sweeps, volume, pitch, etc. This sturdy pedal is a great expressive tool for use with your vintage synths!

Here’s a partial list of synths that the Syntaur CVP-100 pedal is compatible with: Continue reading