Using The Leap Motion For Gestural Music Control With Geco (Tech Overview)

This video captures a tech overview by Geert Bevin of how the Leap Motion controller works and how it can be applied to music.

The discussion is from GeekOut 2013, so the emphasis is on the technology, rather than performance. Bevin notes:

I also demonstrate my Geco MIDI gesture controller application for Leap and a real stage with proper lighting. Personally I was surprised at how well it worked in that environment, even though the Leap was running in ‘robustness’ mode to compensation for the bright lights.

Here is an in depth look at Geco by Bevin: Continue reading

Ableton Live 9 Workshop In San Francisco

Wanting to catch a glimpse of the new Ableton Live 9 in person?

Ableton Certified Instructor Timo Preece is hosting an Ableton Live Workshop next Saturday, November 17, in San Francisco, using Live 9.

Preece will cover songwriting and production workflow in the first portion of the workshop. In the second half, DJ/songwriter Liam Shy will be demoing Live Performance/DJ’ing and Live Remixing, using the Akai APC 40.

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Breath Controller Petition

Reader Jon Stubbs sent word about an online petition to ask Yamaha to bring back their BC-3a breath controller:

I just found out about an iPetition that someone set up to bring back another production run of the Yamaha BC-3a. According to the creator of the petition, if the petition gets 1000 signatures, a more formal request will be made to Yamaha in Japan. Might not work, but there is no harm in trying.

Note: After commenting, the iPetition site prompts you to make a donation to help support the site. This has nothing to do with the individual petition and is completely optional.

How to Build A Custom MIDI Controller

In the video below, controllerist Moldover explains, step-by-step, the evolution, design, and building of his custom Mojo MIDI controller:

YouTube Preview Image

Novation Impulse Control Keyboard Review

YouTube Preview Image

This video, via sonicstate, takes a look at the Novation Impulse control keyboard.

Novation Impulse Features:

  • Precision semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch
  • Professional control surface gives you full control of your DAW including mixer, transport and plug-in instruments and effects
  • Novation’s Automap control software makes it fast and simple to assign knobs, faders and buttons to your music software
  • Back-lit drum pads allow you to warp arpeggios and improvise with rhythm patterns – they also launch clips in Ableton
  • Large LCD screen displays control information
  • Hardware design is tough and rugged
  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite, Novation’s Bass Station synth and a Loopmasters sample pack
  • USB powered, with expression and sustain pedal inputs as well as MIDI in and out ports for connecting external MIDI instruments

The Novation Impulse is available in 25, 49 & 61 key versions.

Serato ITCH 2.1 – Here’s What’s New

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Serato Itch 2.1 is now available at the Serato site. The latest version features enhancements and bug fixes for all Serato ITCH users.

Here’s what’s new in Serato Itch 2.1:

  • Simple Sync mode added for two deck controllers – For quick and easy matching of the tempo and beats of two tracks playing simultaneously.
  • SP-6 Hardware control.
  • Increased SP-6 Sample Player power, with the addition of hardware controls for each ITCH controller to trigger samples with controller cue point buttons.

Note: New meta data created in Itch 2.1 will not be able to be read in older versions.