Nick Francis vs The Who – ‘Re: Generation’

Sunday Synth JamNick Francis stakes out new territory for controllerism, with his live remix/mashup of My Generation, by The Who.

Francis performs with his DIY MIDI controller, The Choppertone, mixing in iconic sounds of the 60s, including Allen Ginsberg, Mose Allison, Sonny Rollins and others.

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Moldover’s Jamboxes – The OctaMasher, SyncoMasher & MiniMasher

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Moldover intros his unique MIDI controller instruments, including The OctaMasher, SyncoMasher & MiniMasher:

Born from the union of a passion for controllerism, and the love of community-collaboration, Moldover’s jamboxes are some of the most radical and innovative instruments he’s ever created. The OctaMasher, The SyncoMasher, and The MiniMasher are completely unique designs; each explores a different realm within the multi-player universe. Like jukeboxes in the 1950s and boomboxes in the 1980s, jamboxes are now playing a crucial role in the new explosion of social music and culture.

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DJ Shakey & Her VoltAxe Controller For Ableton Live

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Saturday Synth PornDubspot had controllerist Julie Covello, better known as DJ Shakey of NYC’s Warper Party, in for a set as part of the final week of their Ableton Live educational program.

In this video, Covello explains her custom Ableton Live controller, the VoltAxe. The Voltaxe combines multiple controllers into one to create a dual-necked Franken-controller. It was built with a Novation Launchpad, two USB MIDI controlers from Korg NanoSeries 2, Kensington Expert Pro Turbo Trackball Mouse, acustom eyepiece, foam board and custom cabling power.

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How to Build A Custom MIDI Controller

In the video below, controllerist Moldover explains, step-by-step, the evolution, design, and building of his custom Mojo MIDI controller:

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Super Fun Instrument Design With Moldover. Plus – Why MIDI Still Exists!

In the latest episode of the Sound Design Live Podcast, host Nathan Lively talks with controllerist Moldover:

In this episode of Sound Design Live Podcast I talk with electronic instrument designer, musician, and teacher Moldover about designing better human interfaces for music, his super cool circuit board CD, and why the hell MIDI still exists.


Moldover’s New Mojo DJ Controller “Will Totally Get You Laid”

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Moldover has introduced a new DJ controller, the Mojo.


  • Works with all MIDI compatible music software
  • Includes new Moldover template for Ableton Live
  • 10 ultra-responsive touch strips
  • 24 competition-grade arcade buttons
  • Rubberized knobs, rugged faders and burly toggle switches
  • Assembled in San Francisco CA by Andy from Pance Party
  • Sexy mahogany body by Livid Instruments
  • Scratch-resistant anodized aluminum faceplate
  • Environmentally sealed twist-lock USB cable included
  • USB bus powered electronics by Hale Micro
  • Class-compliant USB device (no driver to install)
  • Free copy of Moldover’s self-titled album included
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ x 18″ x 4″, 7.5lbs
  • “Will totally get you laid”

The Mojo retails for $1799. You may want to get details on that last feature.

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If All CD Packages Were This Cool, You’d Never Buy From iTunes Again!

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Moldover has released a new album, titled Moldover, that’s not just a interesting collection of electronic music, but it comes in a CD case that’s a light theremin.

Explains moldover:

It completely redefines what it means to “play an album”… Moldover’s CD packaging itself IS a new musical instrument!

The CD is mounted on a custom designed circuit board, intricately patterned and powering a “light-Theremin”.

Yes! You play the artwork and it makes sound!

Only the musical supervillain genius of Moldover could develop something so stunningly innovative.

The album comes in several edition, including the Standard Edition (no light-theremin), the Pocket Edition (mini light-theremin) and the Awesome Edition (full circuit-board light-theremin CD insert).

You can preview the tracks from Moldover’s CD and purchase it at his site.

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