Bolsa Bass Synthesizer Explained WIth Freak-o-sonic Psychedelic Animation

Critter & Guitari released a new promo video for their Bolsa Bass synthesizer that explains its capabilities with freakosonic psychedelic animation.

The Critter & Guitari Bolsa Bass synthesizer features six modes of bass sound, a sequencer and full MIDI capabilities. Continue reading

Bolsa Bass Synthesizer Now Available

Critter & Guitari has introduced Bolsa Bass – a new bass synthesizer.

The keyboard may be tuned over a 1 octave range by turning the knob second from right. Volume is controlled by the right-most knob. The function of the remaining two left knobs depend on what mode is selected.

The synthesizer modes provide elemental monophonic bass sounds, great for all kinds of musical scenarios. From classic filter sweeps to simple and pure tones, lush FM, and even a stretchy tuned delay which makes great string like drones.

The built in sequencer lets you quickly create bass lines with the touch of a button. With MIDI in and out you can synchronize your sequences with other devices. The Bolsa Bass also sends and receives note messages so you can use it as a sound module or simple controller.

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Pocket Piano MIDI

Boutique synth maker Critter And Guitari have introduced the Pocket Piano MIDI, a $275 six-mode synth module.

The Pocket Piano MIDI has the same functionality as the original Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano synthesizer, but adds MIDI functionality.

It is both a sound module and a controller, sending and receiving MIDI note messages, and MIDI clock signals. Continue reading

Pocket Piano GR Features Monophonic Synthesizer

Pocket Piano GR

Boutique synth maker Critter And Guitari have announced the Pocket Piano GR, an updated Pocket Piano synth, featuring a new look and sound.

The Pocket Piano GR is the basic great instrument as the regular Pocket Piano with an added ‘secret mode’. In addition to the six sound modes of the standard piano, the GR has a seventh mode: a monophonic 4 oscillator beating synthesizer with glide.

There are 7 modes total:

  • Vibrato Synth
  • Harmonic Sweeper
  • Two-Octave Arpeggiator
  • Octave Cascade
  • Mono FM Synth
  • FM Arpeggiator

According to C&G, the Mono Glider is a ‘great new sound for low phasing glides like a prop plane and distorted ‘mid-leads’ soloing.’ Continue reading

Pocket Piano DIY Synthesizer


Critter and Guitari have introduced the Pocket Piano Arduino Shield – a board for making the Arduino into a portable stand alone music synthesizer.


  • 25 keys and multiplexer circuitry
  • 4 potentiometers, 1 controls output level
  • Microchip MCP4921 12 bit SPI DAC
  • Passive low pass output filter

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New Color Television Oscilloscope Turns Audio Into Psychedelic Images


Critter and Guitari’s Color Television Oscilloscope is a $99 device that turns your audio input into psychedelic video output:

This video device has an audio input and video output. It behaves like a traditional oscilloscope, with a control to change the display mode and colors. The sweep rate is fixed at the NTSC frame rate, about 30 Hz.

One knob controls the input gain, and the other controls the display. There are 2 modes: line mode, and color shifter mode. The first half of the knob rotation is color shifter mode, and the second half is line mode. Line mode is simply a line with adjustable width and color. Color shifter mode is made up of bars that change color. The rate of change is adjustable.

Video Scope mounted to painted panel with 2 knobs, RCA audio input, video output (NTSC only), 9v power input (adapter included)

Here’s some video of the Color Television Oscilloscope in action: Continue reading