The World’s Cutest Kitty DJ


We do our best to avoid “cute kitty with music gear” photos at Synthtopia. You can only get so excited about another shot of somebody’s cat peaking out of their Buchla modular synth or sleeping on their Korg OASYS.

Jaded as we may be, though, this is the cutest kitty DJ in the world.

Ohhhh, kitteh so cute!

We’ll try to redeem this post by linking to the source of this photo, the blog of Ryan Gruss – a drummer who says that “the world has been overrun by shitty producers with their 808 samples and re-mixed Ableton Live schlock.”

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How To Use A Cat To Control Your Synthesizers

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Sunday Synth Jam: Stuck for ideas? Can’t get people to jam with you?

Then you might want to try out ChrisLody‘s strange experimental ideas – the cat-controlled synth jam:

The keyboard at the top of the screen (a Yamaha SY-35) is midi’d into the lower keyboard (a Novation KS-5). The KS-5 is programmed with a simple arpeggio patch I created which can be played from the SY-35.

Then I covered the keys of the SY-35 with cat biscuits and let my kitten Daisy loose on it. I was then able to control some aspects of the sound with conrols on the KS-5.

I think she got wise to me about half way through as she stopped standing on the keys.

Damn kitty!

Of course – teach a cat to control your synthesizer and they’ll go on to control your sequencer….and then the world!