How To Draw A Working Modular Synth Controller

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This video demonstrates how to draw a working modular synthesizer controller, using a modified adafruit Drawdio with a Blacet/Metalbox/Wiard/Cynthia Frac format modular synthesizer system.

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1/4″ Modular Synthesizer Patch Cord Review

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DJ Thomas White offers his review of 1/4″ modular synthesizer patch cords from

Got these great cables with copper conductor wire from in Orange County.

They come bundled 6 in a bag for $30. Each cable is a different color (red, green, yellow, purple, orange, blue) and has a TS (Tip-Sleeve) connector on it. The connector are NOT switchcraft but are high quality and have a nice solid feel to them for clone connectors.

Cables are available direct from the website or from eBay as they have a GLS Audio store.

These cables also come in balanced (TRS = Tip-Ring-Sleeve) for the same price, or you can get them for cheaper bundles in 2 or 3 foot lengths. No strain relief though on the normal cables. also has great dela on XLR, RCA and other cables (including nice quality insert cables so you son’t have to mess with Hosa).

Serge Modular Synth Porn

This is the Serge SQP by Sound Transform Systems and the VC Tabla module by Cynthia. The sequencer is controlling various parts of the Creature and Gator M-odules.

Photosynthesis With The Cyndustries Photon Synth Module

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In this video, a Cyndustries Photon module is used to control a modular synthesizer with light:

The Photon Interface module comes with a black metal Littlelite brand high-intensity gooseneck lamp, a rheostat dimmer, heavy duty right-angle 4-pin panel connectors, and an independent 12 Volt DC power transformer for system lighting right where you need it.

The lower half of the module features a sensitive photocell with its own dedicated voltage processor which can be used as a performance controller when your hand passes between photocell and lamp.

The voltage processor has an adjustable attenuator and comparator and offers both positive and inverted outputs. Rushing the photocell suddenly with your hand will also generate a Gate Output for triggering different things, and you can switch between an external signal input or an adjustable internal voltage supply simply with the pull of a knob.

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Atari Video Music And Modular Synthesizer

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This is a demo of Atari Video Music, a light synthesizer, by Electronic musician David Talento.

A Cyndustries/Modcan modular synth was used as the audio source. All audio and video changes done live in real time with no editing.

The Atari Video Music was introduced by Atari Inc. in 1976, and designed by the creator of the home version of Pong, Robert Brown. The idea was to create a visual exploration that could be implemented into a Hi-Fi stereo system.

As the legend goes, when Atari was on tour promoting the device, a Sears representative asked what they were smoking when they invented it. With that, a technician stepped forward holding up a lit joint.

The unit was in production for only a year.

If you’ve used the Atari Video Music system, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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The Robotmakers: Crush Kill Destroy

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The Robotmaker’s Crush Kill Destroy:

The return of the Robotmakers only deepens the enigma of the robot with the anger management problem. Original music created with Moog, MOTM, Dotcom, Cynthia and homemade modulars, Fender, Phantom guitars and Vox amps.

Original video filmed with rng35 35mm adapter, OM and Lensbabies lenses.

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