Mopho Multitrack Synth Jam – ‘I Dreamt Of Being A Polyphonic Synth’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Val Solo, is a video song, featuring the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho, I dreamt of being a polyphonic synth.

Here’s what Val Solo has to say about the song: Continue reading

Dave Smith Instruments Intros DSM01 Curtis Filter For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

dave-smith-instruments-dsm01-curtis-filter-eurorack-moduleDave Smith Instruments today introduced the DSM01 Curtis Filter – a version of his classic Sequential-style filter in a Eurorack module.

Dave Smith’s first-ever offering for modular synthesizer users is the DSM01 Curtis Filter – what they call ‘the very heart and soul of the Dave Smith sound’.

The DSM01 is a compact, 8 HP Eurorack-format module. The filter is a resonant low-pass design that can be switched between -12 dB and -24 dB operation and driven into self-oscillation in -24 dB mode. A Boost switch lets you overdrive the input stage for more aggressive coloration.

In addition to its Curtis filter, the DSM01 provides its own responsive, low-noise VCA with LED CV indicator. There are two separate outputs—one pre-amplifier and the other post-amplifier. This not only gives you added signal routing flexibility, but also frees your system’s existing VCAs for other tasks. Continue reading

Dave Smith Modular Synth Filter For Eurorack

dave-smith-modular-synthesizerSighted in yesterday’s Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Synthesizer intro video – an unannounced Eurorack module

The Dave Smith Modular DSM01 Curtis Filter can be seen at around 4:55 in the intro video. An enlarged screen captures is shown at right.

It’s a combined VCF/VCA module, with control voltage control over filter cutoff, resonance and amplitude.

Audio connectivity includes audio in, VCF out and VCA out.

Two switches are partially obscured.

No official announcement has been made on the Dave Smith Modular at this point.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Are you interested in synth modules from Dave Smith? If so, what do you want to see from them?

Dave Smith Instruments Intros Pro 2 ‘Dream Synth’


Dave Smith Instruments today introduced the Pro 2, a knobby new monophonic ‘dream synth’. Dave Smith calls it his “most powerful mono synth ever.”

“As synth geeks, we asked ourselves what our dream mono synth would be,” says Smith. “Then we built it.”

Here’s the official intro video for the new Pro 2 synthesizer: Continue reading