Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Module Now Available

dave-smith-instruments-prophet-12-moduleDave Smith Instruments has announced that its Prophet 12 Module is now shipping.

“We have had many requests from professional musicians for a small, easily portable version of the Prophet 12 keyboard, with all the same features and incredible sound,” says Smith. “The new Prophet 12 module is just that: it has all the power of the Prophet 12 keyboard – in fact, it has the exact same voice board – and it fits into a backpack.” Continue reading

The State Of 21st-Century Synthesis

This video captures a panel discussion on The State Of 21st-Century Synthesis, held at the 2014 NAMM Show.

Led by author Mark Vail (Vintage Synthesizers, Beauty In The B, The Synthesizer), the panel features industry leaders offering their take on the state of synthesis.

The panelists, from left to right, are:

  • Composer/synthesist Drew Neumann (Aeon Flux, The Wild Thornberries)
  • Composer/producer & Continuum expert Edmund Eagen
  • Synth designer and MIDI creator Dave Smith
  • Synth designer & sound designer Eric Persing (Roland, Spectrasonics)
  • Gerry Bassermann (E-Mu, Opcode, Be, Propellerhead)

The video is close to 90 minutes long and offers some great perspectives from true gurus of synthesis.  Continue reading

Moogfest Daytime Lineup To Feature Moroder, Anderson, Emerson, Buchla, Oberheim, Smith, Linn And More

laurie-andersonMoogfest 2014 organizers have announced their lineup of daytime presenters, which includes a kick-ass lineup of futurists, musicians, scientists, authors, filmmakers and pioneers of electronic music instrument design.

The lineup includes multimedia artist Laurie Anderson, disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder, film composer Cliff Martinez, futurist thinkers Jerome Glenn, Nick Bostrom, and George Dvorsky plus MIT Media Lab’s Joseph Paradiso, Sonification Professor Bruce Walker, and more from Make Magazine, OMNI, and SETI (Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence).

And then there’s the Electronic Music Instrument Pioneers: Herbert Deutsch, Roger Linn, Don Buchla, Tom Oberheim, Dave SmithMalcolm Cecil, Keith Emerson and more.

Moogfest takes place April 23-27th, 2014 in downtown Asheville, NC.

Here are the details: Continue reading

How MIDI Changed Music

midi-30th-anniversaryProducer Simon Leo Brown let us know about his new audio documentary that looks at how MIDI changed music.

In the documentary, Brown takes you on a tour through the history of MIDI, from its troubled beginnings to its near ubiquity in recording studios around the world. It features an in-depth interview with MIDI pioneer Dave Smith, who notes, “I could plug in an instrument I designed over 30 years ago into an instrument I’m designing now and it’ll work just fine, it’ll work perfectly.” Continue reading

DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer Module Coming At 2014 NAMM Show


Synth pioneer Dave Smith is featured in a new interview at Amazona.de (German). In the interview, Smith discusses his current lineup of synth gear and the Tempest analog drum machine.

Smith also reveals that he will be introducing a new synth module, based on the DSI Prophet 12, at the 2014 NAMM Show. Here’s Smith with a prototype of the new module: Continue reading