Emulator Multitouch Screen Goes Modular (Sneak Preview)

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Smithson Martin, developer of the Emulator multitouch DJ controller, released this sneak preview of Emulator Modular.

Emulator Modular is designed to let you add multitouch capability to your preferred software – sort of like a giant Jazzmutant Lemur.

Release date is TBA.

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Deckadance Tutorial Videos


This collection of Deckadance tutorial videos cover:

  • Getting started with Deckadance
  • Deckadance file and folder management
  • Setting up BPM
  • Setting up and using cue points in Deckadance
  • Looping, leaping and realtime loop control

In addition to this Deckadance tutorial videos, you can access written Deckadance tutorials online at the Image Line site.

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Image Line Software “Social Engineers” Our DAW Poll & Buries Ableton Live

Remember that DAW poll we mentioned the other day?

The one where Ableton Live was blowing all other DAW’s out of the water?

That post seemed to have generated a lot of attention.

Especially from FL Studio fans – who’ve responded by pushing Image Line‘s own DAW to the top.

It may have helped that Image Line did a little social engineering on Twitter:


And they asked their 20,000 fans on Facebook to help rig the results:


We reconfigured the poll to ban multiple votes from the same IP address. This has the potential to cause problems for some users, but should minimize multiple votes from the same user.

No hard feelings to Image Line – they’re just trying to bury the competition.

But – given that Image Line has had a bit of fun with us and that the 2010 Synthtopia DAW Poll may reflect a bit of an FL Studio bias as a result….we would not be too surprised or shocked if other DAW makers and users decided to respond with a DAW-poll death-blow. Hya!