Vince Clarke Analogue Monologues 2 – The Roland System 100M

Synth pop legend Vince Clarke (Yazoo, Erasure, Depeche Mode) is back with another episode of his Web series, Analogue Monologues, which offers his take on classic synths:

The Analogue Monologues is a new series of mini video documentaries. In each webisode Vince talks about one his analogue synths and explains where the on/off switch is. This series proves, once and for all, that he really doesn’t know much about anything (a must see!).

The 2nd episode takes an entertaining look at a Clarke’s massive 12 VCO Roland System 100m.

Note to Vince: Can we get an embed? Whoop-whoop.

Propellerhead Record Tutorials

This set of official video tutorials for Propellerhead Record software covers:

  • Propellerhead Record basics
  • Propellerhead Record and Reason integration
  • Recording guitar in Propellerhead Record
  • Using the Channel Strip and Insert Effects
  • Using Audio and MIDI Clips in Propellerhead Record
  • Vocoding in Record

Twisted Tools Colorflex MIDI Sequencer Sneak Preview

YouTube Preview Image

This is a quick demo of Twisted Tools’ Colorflex – a 256 cell matrix, color based zone sequencer.

Features include:

  • 8 Track MIDI Note Sequencer
  • 8 Track MIDI CC Sequencer
  • 8 Track Reaktor IC Send Sequencer
  • HQ polyphonic sampler and map
  • Groovy interface

There’s no information on the Twisted Tools site yet – if you know more, leave a comment!

via twistedtools

Novation Launchpad vs Akai APC40

Rupert Brown takes a look at the Novation Launchpad and compares it to the Akai APC40:

Does the Novation Launchpad offer anything my APC40 doesn’t? Find out in this video!

The review is based upon my initial impressions of playing with the Launchpad at the official release event.

Got your own thoughts on using the Novation Launchpad vs the Akai APC40? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

The 10 Coolest Keyboards & Synthesizers Of 2009

2009 has been a great year for electronic music gear and software. Never before have you been able to get so much power for so little money.

The year has seen an explosion of free music software, cool new MIDI Controllers, updates to popular software sequencers and the introduction of Propellerhead Record, the rise of iPhone music software and some great new virtual instruments.

While 2009 was a great year for digital music, it was an incredible year for keyboards and synths.

Here’s our take on the 10 coolest keyboards and synths from 2009, in no particular order: Continue reading

Ableton Live Tips & Tricks

Ableton Live tips: This set of videos, via Bjorn Vayner, shows “features in Live you may have overlooked or forgotten about.”

Part 1 looks at ways to resize multiple tracks in the Session View and how you can continue a stopped Session from where you left off.

Part 2 looks at how you can change the tempo and/or time signature by triggering a scene, how you can expand the Mixer View and how to capture and insert a scene.

Part 3 looks at how to make custom names for notes or ranges of notes appear in the MIDI editor.
The second trick shows a quick way to double the output of your computer keyboard.

New DIY Synth Is Cheap, Fat & Open

YouTube Preview Image

Jacob Remin demonstrates his Cheap, Fat & Open synth:

the CHEAP, FAT and OPEN synth put trough the audio gate of an electribe. trigging some more noisy sounds in rhytmical patterns is real fun, and it makes we want to implement a gate sequencer to the platform

More images are available in his Flickr stream. Continue reading