Roland Alpha Juno

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The Roland Alpha Juno line was released in 1985. While the Alpha Juno synths have a basic architecture, they still sound great, because of their combination of analog filter & ‘warm’ chorus effect.

This audio demo is all Alpha Juno, featuring multi-tracked Roland Alpha Juno 1 and MKS 50 (rack mount). The only effects used are delay, reverb and auto-pan.

via Frippertronik

Demoscene – The Art of the Algorithms

Moleman 2: Demoscene – The Art of the Algorithms – a film that examines the art of demos, is available to view for free online or as a download:

As an impact of the spreading of computer technology, some new art sections have been born. Some of them just digitized the analogue forms, but some produced whole new artistic forms.

In former times, image-, and sound-based arts required not only intellectual but physical skills as well. Nowadays, computer programming allows us to create new-styled artworks using only our intellectual skills.

The 90 minute film explores demoscene subculture, told by mostly Hungarian sceneres, but it features also some other nationalities.

Using The Moog Minitaur With Ableton Live

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In part one of this three part series, Moog Product Development Specialist, Amos Gaynes shows you how to integrate the Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer into Ableton Live:

Learn how to connect your Minitaur using a multi-channel audio interface, setup your session, and produce a simple track. Part one covers MIDI sequencing, filter automation, using the Minitaur as an external instrument, using the Minitaur Editor to load presets, and how to manually dial in basic sounds.

See our previous Moog Minitaur posts for lots more about the new bass synth or the Moog site for details.

Sample Lab For iPad 1.5 Virtual MIDI Sync (Sneak Preview)

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This is a sneak preview of Sample Lab for iPad 1.5 w/ virtual MIDI sync:

This is a beta demo of version 1.5 due out with iOS5.

Virtual MIDI lets you sync the tempo of two apps simultaneously on the same iPad.

Sample Lab 1.5 also adds time stretch, per-beat panning and per-beat start/stop/loop selection.

via SampleLabApp

AudioGL Modular Software Synthesizer & Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

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This is a video teaser for AudioGL, a new modular software synthesizer and sequencer, currently in “pre-beta” state.

There’s no website or additional information on this yet – but the teaser does have us interested…….. Continue reading