Diego Stocco On Making Music From Breakfast Cereal

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In the last few years, Diego Stocco has established himself as the MacGyver of sound design – able to create interesting sounds and music from just about anything.

He’s set pianos on fire, he’s made music from a bonsai tree, he’s done beat making with the sounds of a dry cleaner and he’s even used a squirrel as a reverb.

For his latest project, Kashi hired him to score a commercial – using breakfast cereal. Continue reading

Diego Stocco’s ‘A Fistful Of Leaves’ Shows You How To Score With The Sound Of A Leafblower

Sound designer Diego Stocco has created a new video, A Fisttul of Leaves, that demonstrates how to transform the sound of a leaf blower into a complete track.

At the 2016 NAMM Show, Stocco was demoing the Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere and how it lets import and use your own audio samples.

As an example, he used a sound that he says “has been tormenting my life,” his “sonic enemy,”  the “infernal machine that ruins the life of many musicians” – a noisy leaf-blower. Continue reading

Diego Stocco Wants You To Use A Squirrel For A Reverb, Intros Rhythmic Convolutions 2 Impulse Responses


Diego Stocco is one of the most creative sound designers around – whether he is creating sounds for OmniSphere, scoring films, building his own orchestra or finding inspiration in strange places.

Now he wants to teach you how to use a squirrel for a reverb.  Continue reading

Diego Stocco Tapes Mics To His Fingers, Is Basically The Human Microphone

Composer and sound designer Diego Stocco is always listening the world in creative ways and finding interesting sounds in unexpected places.

Today, he shared this short video – taken from a series of in-depth sound design videos – that demonstrates his ‘finger mic’ technique. By taping mics to his hand, he can use his hand as a tool for listening to and recording sound in new ways.  Continue reading

Diego Stocco Releases Experibass Album & Producer’s Edition Loop Library


Sound designer, composer and instrument builder Diego Stocco has released Experibass, a new album of 8 compositions played with his custom Experibass instrument; and Experibass Producer’s Edition, which adds 100 Experibass rhythmic loops in REX format.  Continue reading

Diego Stocco – Beachwood Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv

Sound designer Diego Stocco has released a new video, Beachwood, that captures a short improvisation, created with a musical object he calls “Beachwood”.

In the beginning of the video, he explains that he started with a piece of wood he found at the beach. Then he added a contact mic and a lavalier mic and some metal resonators.  Continue reading

Diego Stocco Wants To Teach You His Creative Miking Techniques

Sound design super freak Diego Stocco – who’s set pianos on fire, made music from a bonsai tree, done beat making with the sounds of a dry cleaner and even built his own orchestra of custom instruments – wants to teach you his creative mic techniques.

Stocco has released a new instructional video, Creative Miking Techniques, that documents what he’s learned from his sound design experiments. A preview is embedded above.

Here’s what he’s got to say about the full video: Continue reading

Free Impulse Responses From Sound Designer Diego Stocco

diego-stoccoSound design superfreak Diego Stocco, who’s known for going to extremes to create interesting sounds, has released a free collection of creative impulse responses, Percussive Echoes Bonus.

In the past, Stocco has made Music From Sand, Music from a Tree, scored with Hans Zimmer and even built his own orchestra.

More recently, Stocco has been creating impulse responses for creative sound design. His latest set is a free download.  Continue reading