Doepfer Dark Energy Synthesizer, R.I.P.

Doepfer Dark Energy

Dieter Doepfer has announced that the Dark Energy synthesizer will be discontinued, because of unavailability of a rare chip:

The Dark Energy will be discontinued as the CEM3394 is no longer available and the negotiations with the manufacturer (OnChip, the Curtis Electromusic successor) concerning a new productions series of the CEM3394 were not successful so far.

We think about a redesign of the unit (Dark Energy II) but it will be another instrument with a different sound and features (e.g. probably a 12 dB multimode filter with lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch instead of the 24 dB lowpass).

Now that it’s gone out of production, expect the prices on this much-loved synth to jump, as people realize that they must have a Dark Energy!

via Patch Pierre, Dieter Doepfer

Dieter Doepfer Intros The Doepfer DIY Synth Kit

Dieter Doepfer introduces the Doepfer DIY Synth Kit at the 2010 NAMM Show.

The kit is made of a pc board that includes all that is necessary to build a standard analog synthesizer. (Case, wiring & controls not included).

See our previous Doepfer DIY Synth Kit post for details.

via SonicState