E-RM Erfindungsbüro Intros Precise, Swingable Multiclock Sync Box

multiclock-sync-boxE-RM Erfindungsbüro has introduced the Multiclock – a sync box that offers 4 precise, low-jitter output channels, derived from DAW Audio Clock, MIDI or DIN sync.

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New Release – Dave Bessell’s Black Horses Of The Sun

dave-bessell-black-horsesDiN has released Black Horses of the Sun – the latest release from Dave Bessell (Node).

The new album builds on the atmospheric style of Bessell’s previous releases, but adds a more melodic focus.

Here’s what the label has to say about the new album:

An eclectic variety of stylistic influences flicker through this music, from classical to industrial, Berlin school ambient to jazz, to the Eno, Fripp & Bowie collaborations of the Berlin years through to echoes of psytrance. All make their appearance from time to time.

Overall there is often a widescreen cinematic sense of scale, which would not be out of place in a film soundtrack.

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Roland SBX-1 Sync Box Lets You Connect All Your Gear Together & Swing It

roland-sbx-1-synchronization -hub

Roland has officially introduced the SBX-1 Sync Box, a utility module that’s the lingua franca of electronic music gear – letting all your gear work together, whether its DIN, MIDI or control voltage gear, vintage or new, and hardware or software.

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Synth Supergroup Node Returns With Node 2 (DiN44)

node-2Synth supergroup Node has a new album on the way – their first new release since 1995.

The group features four music industry veterans that have taken time out from their ‘day jobs’ to indulge their passion for everything analog:

  • producer and sonic legend Flood;
  • producer and composer Ed Buller;
  • composer & professor of music Dave Bessell; and
  • Hollywood composer Mel Wesson, who has most recently provided soundscapes for Hans Zimmer’s run of blockbuster films.

Node 2 is the culmination of two recording sessions that took place over the last year and a half at Battery Studios in London. Here’s a photo of one of the rigs used:


Here’s a preview of the album: Continue reading

Free DiN30 iNDEX03 Album Download Through The End Of 2012

Free Music Friday: The DiN30 iNDEX03 sampler album is available as a free download from the DiN Bandcamp store until the end of December 2012.

DiN30 is the third DiN sampler album and has 18 tracks from releases DiN21 – 29, featuring the artists Robert Rich, Ian Boddy, ARC, Tetsu Inoue, Radio Massacre International, Surface 10, Parallel Worlds, Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock & Bernhard Wostheinrich.

You can preview the album below:

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New Compilation Album Features DiN Synth Artists

Synthesist Bakis Sirros, aka Parallel Worlds, sent word of a new DiN label compliation album, iNDEX04, that features the work of Ian Boddy, Parallel Worlds, Markus Reuter, Erik Wøllo, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, ARC & Mazmoneth.

Label boss Ian Boddy has mixed and cross-faded the 18 tracks into a continuous ambient mix, designed to not only showcase the artists’ albums, but to present an exciting and varied CD in it’s own right.

The music ranges from ‘deep analogue synth grooves through vibrantly melodic instrumentals to powerful, epic ambient atmospheres’.

You can preview iNDEX04 below.

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