Lush Projects Intros LushOne Echo Module Kit

LushOne-Echo-ModuleLush Projects has introduced the LushOne Echo module – a DIY delay and echo effect

All key parameters can be set manually or manipulated using a control voltage. With the LushOne echo you can simulate room echoes or create space-age effects. The LushOne Echo also contains an envelope generator, which produces a control voltage based on the amplitude of the input signal. Continue reading

HexInverter Intros Orbital DIY Eurorack Step Sequencer


HexInverter has announced Orbitals – a DIY 42HP Eurorack analogue step-sequencer kit.


  • 2×8 or 1×16 step analogue sequence modes
  • bipolar output mode (on/off)
  • two modes of voltage controlled step select (details below)
  • forward, reverse, pendulum, random and voltage controlled modes
  • each sequence has a reverse input
  • sequencer A transpose input for plugging a voltage source (ie: keyboard) into for classic Moog style linear sequencing
  • internal or external clocking
  • global gate length control (per sequence)
  • sequence length control (per sequence)
  • global reset button
  • reset in per sequence
  • run switch per sequence
  • run input per sequence

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Touch Board Lets You Create Projects That Turn Touch Into Sound


Touch Board is a DIY toolkit designed for letting you use the world around you as a sensor.

Touch Board lets you connect anything conductive to one of its 12 electrodes and trigger a sound via its onboard MP3 player, play a MIDI note or do anything else that you might do with an Arduino or Arduino-compatible device.

It’s being developed via a Kickstarter project that is already fully funded. Here’s a video intro: Continue reading

Audio Infuser 4700 Combines Old-School Style, Wireless Streaming


This is a little off-topic, but epic: The Audio Infuser 4700 is a DIY project, created by Todd Kumpf, that’s built to stream music from Wi-Fi devices and play vinyl records.

It features old school wood & steel design, combined with the connectivity and immediacy of wireless technology.

Here’s a video introduction to the Audio Infuser 4700: Continue reading

TouchKeys Promises To Add Multi-Touch Expression To Your Existing Keyboard


UK reader Andrew McPherson has launched a Kickstarter campaign for TouchKeys – a project that promises to ‘add continuous expressive control to any keyboard’.

McPherson is Assistant Professor in Digital Media at the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London. TouchKeys grows out of his work at the Centre.

What are the TouchKeys?

  • The TouchKeys are touch sensors that attach to your keyboard to measure where your fingers contact the keys.
  • You can use the TouchKeys with any synth to control vibrato, pitch bends, control changes and other new sounds while playing.
  • The TouchKeys will be available as a DIY add-on for your own keyboard or as part of a pre-built controller.

Here are details on TouchKeys: Continue reading