Paul Van Dyk’s Custom Xone:4D DJ Controller


Saturday Gear Porn: One of the perks of being a superstar DJ is stuff like this – a one-off special edition of the Xone:4D mixer controller that Allen & Heath made for DJ Paul van Dyk.

“The 4D is the centrepiece of my set up and is based on the way I DJ. I have two computers on stage that are synced to each other: one has the synths, keyboards and controllers hooked up to it and the other is full of the audio material,” explains van Dyk.

Van Dyk’s modified version includes VCA rotary faders rather than the standard linear faders. There is also custom-designed silk screening for the faceplate with Paul’s name in UV paint.

“One of the great things about the 4D is the great sound and the fact that everything on the mixer can be fully programmed so I can set it up to give me control to do some crazy shit!” adds Van Dyk.