Algoriddim DJay 2 + Spotify Put 20 Million Songs In Your DJ Crate

Algoriddim has partnered with Spotify to put 20 million songs in your DJ crate.

The latest version of DJay 2 adds Spotify integration, a new audio FX section, UI improvements and more. The combination of a near infinite music library, support for hardware controllers, Audiobus support and integrated effects make Djay a compelling alternative to traditional DJ systems.

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djay 4 – Here’s What’s New

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Algoriddim has released djay 4 – the latest version of their Mac DJ application.

Here’s what’s New in djay 4:

  • Visual Waveforms
  • Redesigned single window UI
  • Harmonic Match™: key detection and matching
  • New Audio FX: Gate, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Echo, Filter (Low Pass + High Pass)
  • New integrated sampler (with awesome built-in sample pack)
  • New loop modes: Auto, Manual, Bounce looping
  • Advanced MIDI learn
  • iCloud integration

djay is $19.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used djay 4.0, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

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djay for iOS Adds iCloud Features, Audio Effects

algoriddim has updated djay for iphone & iPod touch, along with djay for iPad, adding audio effects, iOS 5 compatibility & iCloud features.

This is one of the first music apps that we’ve seen add iCloud support.

The idea behind iCloud is that your mobile device can wirelessly save your app settings to servers on the Internet. This not only provides a backup for your work, but it also lets you keep your work synced, wirelessly, across multiple devices.

We’re looking forward to see how other developers make use of iCloud.

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djay iPad DJ Software Updated

iPad djay software

Algoriddim has updated djay, its iPad DJ software, to version 1.3.

The update brings support for two new accessories created for djay:

  • The Numark iDJ Live controller; and
  • The Griffin DJ Cable.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Added support for Numark iDJ Live controller for djay
  • Added PFL buttons for individually assigning pre-cueing channel
  • Added Cue/Mix slider to fade between master and pre-cueing output
  • Added pre-cueing “Auto Select” option in Advanced settings
  • Improved pre-cueing auto-select behavior
  • Improved update of speed slider range when syncing tracks
  • Improved Bounce Loop with Key Lock enabled (iPad 2)
  • Improved cue point set accuracy in certain cases
  • Added support for high efficiency AAC files
  • Fixed occasional freezing of audio when switching from background
  • Fixed occasional sound drop when activating Key Lock (iPad 2)
  • Fixed drop outs when playing recordings on iPod touch 3rd gen

djay is available in the App Store and is currently priced at $9.99.

djay for iPad Gets Some Sick Features For iPad 2

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Algoriddim has announced djay for iPad 1.2, now available on the App Store, with some sick new features for iPad 2 users.

The new features, designed to leverage the dual-core processor of the iPad 2, include high quality time-stretching (key lock) and an enhanced audio analysis.

New in djay for iPad 1.2:

  • Key Lock: Utilizing zplane.development’s advanced time-stretching technology, élastique efficient, Key Lock offers the ability to stretch the audio of each turntable individually in real-time, enabling users to change the speed of the song without affecting its pitch
  • Enhanced Audio Analysis: Features high precision beat-grid and onset extraction with a visual representation on the wave form; users can now beat-match songs with even greater precision
  • Loop / Cue Snapping: djay aligns loops and cue points to the song’s beat grid based on the enhanced accuracy of the audio analysis

“The iPad 2’s blazing fast performance opened new doors for real-time processing, and we’re committed to ensuring djay for iPad evolves right along with it, offering the most realistic and feature-rich DJ experience available,” said Karim Morsy, CEO of algoriddim.

djay for iPad 1.2 is available for $19.99 in the App Store.

djay For iPad Gets Update

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DJ Softwarealgoriddim has announced an update to their djay for iPad.

djay for iPad 1.1 offers:

  • 3 additional Cue Points: Allows the user to instantly jump to different parts of the song e.g. for remixing and beat-juggling
  • Auto Loop: Continuously repeat part of a song as a live effect, features on-the-fly half/double of loop duration
  • Manual Loop: Precisely define loop bounds, quantized to the beat, with instant reloop trigger
  • Bounce Loop: Remix a song on-the-fly by mashing up its beats
  • Level Meter Swipe: Users have the ability to easily fine-tune a song’s audio gain with a swiping motion on the level meters
  • BPM column in music library: Enables users to see the BPM automatically detected by djay’s audio analysis while browsing songs in the iTunes library, making it easier to choose songs with a similar tempo
  • Compatibility with Bluetooth audio devices: Users can now also stream their mix live to their favorite wireless Bluetooth device

These new options are added to existing capabilities including its direct link to the user’s iTunes library, Automix mode, live recording and Auto-Cut Scratching.

djay for iPad 1.1 is available for $19.99 from the App Store.