Drone it Yourself (Lemur Template)

Audio/visual artist Malaventura sent word of DIY (Drone It Yourself) – a Lemur template for iPad designed to manipulate drones.

it comes with 6 drones, where every drone is composed by 5 loops that you can modified and add effects; a stepsequencer (The Drone machine) to create noisy rhythms and the most famous feature of the Lemur, the multiball, that changes the panning and volume of the drones.

Details are available in a PDF attached to the .zip archive.

Forms + Noise

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Forms + Noise features generative video, created in Structure Synth, combined with an electronic soundtrack, created in Ableton Live.

Via reader Kate, who says “The sound is raw and at the same time tells the story of the life generative forms.”

Video: Structure Synth + javascript
Audio: Ableton Live + vst

Human Contact Synth Makes Your Body A Skinthesizer

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HandmadeElectronicInstruments‘ Human Contact Synth is played by bridging the connection between the two plates, turning your body – or your friends – into a skinthesizer.

Here’s what designer Michael Rucci has to say about the Human Contact Synth:

It is played by bridging the connection between the two plates. The more contact made the higher the pitch. You can experiment with friends by making a human chain of resistance.

With a very minimal design this synth is carved into a single piece of salvaged wood with an aged looking stain. Aside from the two contact plates you have a power switch and indicator light. There is 1/4″ output so it is easy to connect to amps, effects, or recording equipment.

It is powered by an internal 9v battery that is hidden under the left plate. Although the battery will last extremely long it is important to be sure to replace all washers and the contact wire around one screw when changing the battery.

Electroacoustic Didgeridoo Jam

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Sunday Synth Jams: Kyle Evans performs on his DIY Electronically Modified Didgeridoo, at the Pixilerations New Media Arts and Experimental Music Festival in Providence, RI. October 2010. Continue reading

Casper Electronics Intros Drone Lab V2 Analog Synthesizer

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Casper Electronics has announced that it’s now taking pre-orders for the Drone Lab V2, a 4 voice analog drone synth, rhythm generator and FX processor.


The Drone Lab is capable of generating rich, textured soundscapes, hypnotic drones and complex rhythmic sequences. It features a series of filter and distortions circuits as well as an audio input jack. This allows it to be used as an effects processor for external audio signals.

The Drone Lab retails for $50 for the PCB only, $200 for a PCB and parts kit, and $350 fully assembled. Continue reading