Drumatron – A ‘Super Cool’ Drum Machine For iOS

Developer Rob Wilmot sends word about Drumatron – a ‘super cool’ drum pad for the iPhone and iPad.


  • Almost 100 sounds to choose from ranging from rock and dance drums, bongos and maracas, special effects and more.
  • You can edit each pad’s sound, level, pitch and decay.
  • Store up to 4 custom drum kits.
  • Velocity control on each pad depending on where you hit the pad.
  • Ergonomically designed for either one-handed use or using both thumbs with ease.
  • Visual feedback and lighting effects.
  • Pad 3 is linked to pad 4 so you can mute an open high hat on pad 4 with a closed hat on pad 3 if you wish.
  • Sounds designed exclusively for this app and created from real drums and drum synthesizers.

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Roland Offering Free Drum Kit Downloads

Roland is offering a free Drum Kit download for the MV-Series Production Studios: MA Dirt & Grime.

This new drum kit is available for existing MV-8000 and MV-8800 owners and spans a range of musical styles from urban, R&B and electro house. The kit has a slightly gritty sound and a wider-than-normal range of sensitivity, so you can experiment with changes in swing and volume.

“The kit can sound clean or slightly gritty depending on how hard you play the MV’s velocity-sensitive pads,” says Roland Product Manager Vince LaDuca. “This gives the kit a huge range of expressiveness useful in all kinds of musical genres. The MA Dirt & Grime kit is a great addition to the over 400 instruments that already come with the MV-8800 production studio.”

MA Dirt & Grime joins Roland’s previous downloads for the MV: CR-7800 sound set (Roland’s first drum machine, the CR-78), TR-527 sound set (a compilation of classic TR-505, TR-707, and TR-727 kits), and TR-808 sound set (the ultimate TR-808 kit for your MV).

NAMM: Submersible Music Debuts DrumCore 2.5

2007 Winter NAMM Show: DrumcoreSubmersible Music previewed the new 2.5 version of DrumCore software at the NAMM Winter Show Show in Anaheim, CA (January 18-21st).

DrumCore 2.5 adds new features that increase DrumCore’s capabilities as a MIDI instrument and make workflow easier when writing songs.

New Features:

  • MIDI Standalone Mode – Now DrumCore can act as a standalone MIDI drum instrument, responding to input from any MIDI controller and MIDI interface connected to a users’ computer. Use DrumCore as a sound source at gigs and play it live from a pad controller without the use of any host software.
  • “Pad Swapping”- 2.5 makes it easy for users to create custom hybrid kits. Combine Matt Sorum’s thunderous kick with Zoro’s snappy snare or throw in an electronic drum sound to add some low-end boom. Mix and match sounds by using a simple pop-up menu on each drum pad. Users see a list of all available DrumCore kits and can select any sound assigned to that pad from any of those drumkits. All sample layers plus pitch, pan and volume settings are automatically copied to your new kit.
  • Drag-and-Drop Sample Assignment – DrumCore 2.5 makes it easier for users to create their own drumkits by allowing drag and drop to the Pad Editor. Also you can now re-order the sample layers on a pad by simply dragging them above or below other layers.
  • Real-Time Editing – In 2.5 user edits to the Pad and DrumKit editor happen in real-time, which makes editing and creating drumkits even easier. Users can change the velocity assignments of the sample layers on a pad and get immediate feedback by hearing how they respond to a MIDI controller or sequence. Also there is a new “Audition Strip” which lets users preview velocity assignments using DrumCore without other MIDI controllers or other software.
  • “Cue Mode” – hear loops and/or fills in context and back to back. With DrumCore 2.5 there is a new “Cue Mode” where a selected audio or MIDI files will not play until the previously selected file has ended. This allows users to hear how different loops and fills work together before they are exported to the main recording software (like Pro Tools, Cubase, etc.).
  • New content – Available for both registered DrumCore 2 and 2.5 users there is a collection of additional content available now on http://www.drumcore.com. This includes more MIDI fills and a GrooveSet by premiere Latin percussionist Luis Conte (Sergio Mendes, Madonna, Clapton, etc.).

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New Kontakt Library Captures Seventies Drum Sounds

vinyl drumkitsPettinhouse has released Vinyl Drumkits, a drum kit library on two CDs for NI Battery 2-3 or Kontakt 2.

The Acoustic kits reproduce the typical sound of the ’70s useful for anyone that wants to recreate the groove and feel of the old crackly vinyl. They are perfect for dance, funk, soul, rock, pop and any genre that needs retro vinyl sound.

The Electronic kits can be used for Hip Hop, RnB, House elettronica. The CD also includes experimental drumkits such as voice kits, industrial, game, air kits and many others.


  • 2 CDs
  • 24Bit 96Khz
  • Fifty Drum kits 20 Acoustic kits and 30 electronic kits.
  • Multilayer


  • Drum kits library


  • Mac OSX, Windows XP

Sample Formats:

  • NI Battery 2-3 or Kontakt 2


  • $89

More information is available at the Pettinhouse site.