Singular Sound Announces BeatBuddy Mini

BeatBuddy-MiniSingular Sound, makers of the popular BeatBuddy pedal-controlled drum machine, announced the BeatBuddy Mini, a new, smaller version of the drum machine / effects pedal.

The original BeatBuddy retails for about $300. The BeatBuddy Mini, which will retail for about $199, will have many of the features and functionality of the original pedal: full, hands-free, creative control of the beat. Musicians are able to insert fills, transition from verse to chorus, add accent hits, drum breaks and more — all with the “simple ease” of a guitar pedal format.

You can find a complete comparison of the original and mini BeatBuddy here.
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WebX0X Turns Your Web Browser Into A Drum Machine


Irritant Creative’s WebX0X is a free drum synthesizer and sequencer that runs in your web browser.

It’s built using the Web Audio API. Because it’s based on web standards, it works in recent versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari on desktop and iOS.  All sound generation is performed entirely in the browser without the use of samples. Continue reading