Mandala Drum V3 System Lets You Trigger Thousands Of Samples From One Pad

Developer Vince De Franco let us know about a new drum pad control system, the Mandala V3, that takes takes percussion control to the next level – giving you control of up to thousands of samples at once from one pad.

De Franco’s goal is to create a new instrument, ‘with the feel and sonic depth of acoustics AND the control of electronics.

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QuNeo Controller Now Shipping With Drum Pad Emulation

Keith McMillen Instruments has announced a new Drum Pad Emulation mode for the QuNeo 3D Multi-touch pad controller.

WIth the new mode, the QuNeo can now approximate the feel and response of popular MPC-style drum pads such as the Maschine, Akai, and Korg, as well as others.

“All other drum pads have a mechanical switch that does a one-time detection of when the pad is hit, so the feel of the pad is largely determined by the type of switch and where it is located,” explained Keith McMillen, president and founder of KMI. “QuNeo continuously senses the varying pressure and location of the player’s gestures, so we can acquire the displacement, velocity and acceleration data of the hit to generate pretty much any response and feel.”

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Drumatron – A ‘Super Cool’ Drum Machine For iOS

Developer Rob Wilmot sends word about Drumatron – a ‘super cool’ drum pad for the iPhone and iPad.


  • Almost 100 sounds to choose from ranging from rock and dance drums, bongos and maracas, special effects and more.
  • You can edit each pad’s sound, level, pitch and decay.
  • Store up to 4 custom drum kits.
  • Velocity control on each pad depending on where you hit the pad.
  • Ergonomically designed for either one-handed use or using both thumbs with ease.
  • Visual feedback and lighting effects.
  • Pad 3 is linked to pad 4 so you can mute an open high hat on pad 4 with a closed hat on pad 3 if you wish.
  • Sounds designed exclusively for this app and created from real drums and drum synthesizers.

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Alesis Intros SamplePad Drum Instrument

Alesis SamplePad

Alesis has introduced the SamplePad, a compact four-pad percussion sample playback instrument.

SamplePad is has 25 percussion and electronic drum sounds built in, and lets you load their own samples using a standard SD card. An external trigger input and the ability to mount it on virtually any snare stand or rack make it an easy way to expand a drumset.

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Korg Wavedrum Mini Review – ‘A Great Sounding Little Fun Instrument’

YouTube Preview Image

The new Korg Wavedrum Mini – a unique compact percussion synthesizer – was one of the hits of Musikmesse 2011.

The Korg Wavedrum Mini is a compact percussion synthesizer, with built-in speaker, battery-powered portability and a cool sensor clip that turns just about anything into a percussion instrument. Using the sensor clip and the pad allows two sounds to be played at once.

The sensor clip seems like a killer feature, bringing an element of experimental performance into a mainstream device.

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Awesome EletroAxé Drum Pad Body Suit

Lucas Werthein explains how he helped create the awesome EletroAxé Drum Pad Body Suit for percussionist Carlinhos Brown:

In January 2011 I spent new years in Bahia and was introduced to Carlinhos Brown by a close friend. Knowing that Brown is one of the most talented percussionists and musician we have in Brazil, we talked about creating a full body suit with ten sensors, which were activated each time they were hit, acting as percussion instruments on Brown’s body. The project, called EletroAxé, consisted in 10 drum pads developed with laser cutting and CNC techniques, piezo sensors, electronics, Arduino, and Processing. It was a collaboration with myself and Kyle McDonald and it was managed/ produced by Acere F.C. It involved transmitting wireless midi data, a great amount of work in production design, code, and infinite testing.

We presented the project during Carnaval in Salvador, which occurred between March 4th through March 10th. Carnaval in Salvador is one of the biggest festivals/ parties in the world. Brown played for more than 50 thousand people while commanding percussionists, musicians, and his innovative experiments for Caranval 2011.

The experiment ended up working very well. We were all extremely happy with the results, he got great feedback, and people were stunned by what he was bringing into one of the greatest festivities on earth.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a drum pad body suit, but it’s nicely executed and clearly a hit for Brown.

Alesis Intros DM10 Studio Kit

Alesis DM10 Drum Kit

Alesis introduced the 2011 edition of the DM10 Studio Kit at the 2011 NAMM Show.

The new version features Alesis’ new four-post StageRack with upgraded clamps and high-quality mini-boom cymbal arms.
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Alesis Intros PercPad Electronic Percussion Instrument

Alesis Percpad

At the 2011 NAMM Show, Alesis announces PercPad, its first four-pad electronic percussion instrument.

The PercPad features four velocity-sensitive pads, kick input, internal sounds and compact size, designed for anyone wanting to incorporate electronic percussion into their setups.

“There’s never been an ultra-compact multi-pad instrument like the PercPad before,” Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis.  Continue reading