Sample The Internet & Turn It Into An Ableton Live Drum Rack

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In this video tutorial, Mad Zach demonstrates how you can sample the Internet, using Audio Hijack, and turn it into an Ableton Live Drum Rack.

Sampling audio introduces new copyright issues into both your work and live performances – so stick to sampling your own sounds or be informed.

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Creating Drum Racks In Ableton Live

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This movie is the first episode of a three part tutorial that looks at how to build a drum rack preset, with your own samples, in Ableton Live.

In the first video, three instrument racks are combined into one drum rack, which is triggered using a MIDI clip on the track, and mapped in such a way that the macros controls can be used to switch the kick, hat and clap in the break.

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Free Moog Drum Machine (Virtual)


Steelberry Clones has released Moog Drum One, a free “Moog drum machine” for Ableton Live 8:

I’ve taken the time to program detailed percussive patches & from these i’m creating sample sets. This is the 1st “Moog Drum One” Drum Rack for Ableton Live 8.

Captured @ 24bit/96k with Lynx converters & DBX 903 compression.

Analog Signal path = Moog Voyager-DBX 903’s-Console EQ-Dominator II- Lynx.

Six velocity samples per pad.

Download : To install, extract the Pack with Live into a folder of your choosing. Then open the extracted project & save the Drum Rack into your library.

You can preview the sound of Moog Drum One below: