The Jupiter III G Analog Percussion Synthesizer Is ‘Ballsier Than Before’

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Chamber of Sounds has introduced the Jupiter III G analog percussion synthesizer.

The Jupiter III analog percussion synth has a redesigned PCB, linear pots, a larger piezo pickup, and an LED power indicator. According to Chamber of Sounds, this makes it ‘ballsier than before’.

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Impaktor Drum Synth Now Available

Beep Street Impaktor – a iOS drum synthesizer that turns any surface into a playable percussion instrument. – is now available.

Impaktor works by capturing real acoustical impulses from the built-in microphone and using them as an excitation source for advanced sound modules that simulate the behavior of membranes, cymbals, metallophones or strings. This makes Impaktor a highly responsive and expressive instrument.

With semi-modular architecture and several types of synthesis, Impaktor can produce a wide range of tones, from acoustic, like Tabla, Djembe, Marimba, Cymbals, Metal bars to electronic or industrial sounds.

Impaktor is available in the App Store for $4.99.

If you’ve used Impaktor, let us know what you think of it!

Note: This app requires headphones to avoid feedback. According to the developer, it works best with headphones without a built-in microphone. Works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod Touch 4th gen and all iPads.

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Synare Beatmaking With WerkBench

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Reader Karl Sholz let us know about this synth jam/demo that combines the analog drum synth goodness of a late 70’s Synare 3 (best known from its appearance on countless disco tracks) with WerkBench for the iPad:

The Star Instruments Synare is most famous for its use on disco records as a simple ‘tom-tom’ sound (the first sound I play in this video). Despite its cheesy historical use, the Synare actually a beastly little analog synth with two oscillators (with noise and LFO modes respectively), a self oscilating low-pass filter, and envelopes for filter and volume. I only scratch the surface in this video.

WerkBench is a tool for crafting rhythmic loops from any source material in real-time. WerkBench is great for grabbing sounds on the fly from analog synths that lack patch memory (like the Synare, Monotron, or any modular rig).

Check this out and let us know what you think!

WerkBench is available for $4.99 in the App Store.

Mr. AcidMachine’s Dr. Drumset

Mr. AcidMachine – a new boutique developer of ‘handmade, custom and unique designs for making electronic music’ – posted these teaser images of an analog drum machine design, Dr. Drumset.

No details are available yet for Dr. Drumset, but you can prevew its sound below.

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BeepStreet Impakton Physical Modeling Percussion Synth For iOS (Sneak Preview)

BeepStreet, maker of the iOS synth Sunrizer, has announced Impakton – a new app designed to turn any surface into a playable percussive instrument.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

You just slap your desk like a real drum, the transient acoustic signal is fed into the physical modeling engine and turned into the desired sound. That makes Impakton an extremely expressive instrument. Drop a coin on the desk, select any of the membramophones presets and you will hear the sound of the coin dancing on a membrane.

Here are audio previews for Impaktion:

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