Mersenne Melodic Percussion Synthesizer For iPad

iceWorks has introduced Mersenne – a melodic percussion synthesizer for iPad. Features include:. Tone A/B: FM Synthesis Noise + Filter Resonator Chorus Delay Reverb Programmable Arpeggiator Inter-App Audio Audiobus MIDI CoreMIDI / Virtual MIDI Input MIDI Controller Mapping with MIDI Learn External MIDI sync Resizable Keyboard Here’s a video demo:

AtomoSynth Totem Eurorack Drum Machine

The AtomoSynth Totem is a complete percussion synthesizer voice EUrorack module. The company says that the Totem is not meant to emulate any famous drum machine, but designed for creating your own unique analog drum synth sounds. Here’s a video demo that features four AtomoSynth TOTEM Euro drum modules, each playing a different pattern.