Live Performance With Drums & Synthesizers

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Berlin-based reader Sebastian Arnold, captures a live performance of Driving A Spaceship from his new album Interstellar Getaway.

Arnold describes himself as a “mad scientist drummer”. He builds song structures by layering loops and drum-triggered sequences with acoustic drums, keyboards and vocals.

Gear details below.

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How To Make Glitch Drums & Breaks

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The latest tutorial video, via ohdratdigital, takes a look at how to make glitch drums and breaks:

This week’s video is all about how to create glitch drums and breaks, from subtle reworking all the way to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher style craziness!

For the download links to the plugins used in the tutorial, see the OD site.

The Delptronics LDB1e Analog Drum Eurorack Module

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This is a quick demo of the Delptronics LDB1e Analog Drum Eurorack Module.

The module offers eight analog drum sounds in a 4HP wide module.

Connect it to any clock source or sequencer. Built-in gate to trigger conversion means a square wave of any duty cycle will trigger the drums.

An expansion module is planned that will allow individual outputs and volume control for each instrument.

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(DSI Tempest + Teenage Engineering OP-1) x 2 Synth Jam

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Sunday Synth Jam: Edison & Anon Day, mano a mano, on twin Dave Smith Instruments Tempest + Teenage Engineering OP-1 setups.

The track is the choicely named, We Will Kill You In The Face And Dick.

The Protoclidean Sequencer For Ableton Live Lets You Explore Euclidean Rhythms

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Developer Julien Bayle has announced a new sequencer for Ableton Live, The Protoclidean Sequencer.

The Protoclidean Sequencer is based on the Euclidean algorithm, one of the oldest mathematical algorithms known. The algorithm offers a simple way to distribute a particular number of objects inside a particular number of slots.

In musical terms, it lets you distribute a particular number of notes into a particular number of slots. This form of distribution is thought by some to underly many of the most fundamental rhythms across musical traditions.

For a deeper look at Euclidean algorithms & implementation into music, you can read this article: The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms, by Godfried Toussaint.

The Protoclidean Sequencer lets you easily create sequences using odd or even number of steps, without the need of creating a lot of clips with different size in your Live set. You can also play live with it, using the banks storage/load feature.

See the video, embedded above, tor a demonstration of how this works.

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FXpansion Tremor – Synthetic Drum Machine

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Here’s another sneak preview of the 2012 NAMM ShowFXpansion Tremor – Synthetic Drum Machine. Here’s what FXpansion has to say about Tremor:

FXpansion is proud to present Tremor: a software drum machine with powerful synthesis, effects, modulation and step-sequencing. DCAM circuit-modelled sound generation is fused with new ideas to produce original sounds with the punch and extreme sound pressure of old-school analogue. Tremor’s dance drums, funky beatscapes, abstract machines and undiscovered sonic terrain are suited to all kinds of electronic, urban and experimental music.

Central to each of Tremor’s 8 synthesis engines is a specialized DCAM oscillator with harmonic partials akin to a drumskin’s modes of vibration. Mixed with a sub-oscillator and tuned noise source, the signal is sculpted by modelled drive/filter/FX sections and razor-sharp envelopes. Tremor’s diverse output includes classic kicks, snares and claps, organic hats and body-shaking subs alongside futuristic zaps, scrapes, textures and sounds that defy classification.

The TransMod modulation system in Tremor is easier and deeper than a mod-matrix. It offers new sound design possibilities and lets you animate sounds with LFOs, step-automation sequences and real-time macro controls while the synthesis engine reacts just like real analogue circuits. Tremor’s sonic potential is showcased in the included suite of presets by a team of elite sound designers.

Tremor is available now as a download-only product from the FXpansion web shop.
Pricing is USD $149.00, EUR €119.00, GBP £99.00 inc VAT where applicable

Special Offer: Tremor is USD $99, EUR €79, GBP £69 inc VAT for all registered owners of Geist or DCAM: Synth Squad (and customers purchasing Tremor at the same time as Geist or DCAM: Synth Squad) until 9 Feb 2012.

via FXpansion, via Aymat

Tuned 808 Bass Drum Rack For Ableton Live

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AfroDJMac is back this week with something for Synthtopia readers – an 808 rack for Ableton Live:

This week I have a rack that is made from an 808 Kick drum sample. It allows you to play the 808 bass drum as a pitched instrument, so that it stays in tune with your tracks. It can also be used for bass lines, and, at higher octaves, makes a nice electric keyboard type instrument.

In the video I go over how I made it, so that you can apply the technique to any sample, and then I dissect the individual components of the Ableton rack. Thanks for your support and enjoy!

Not sure what’s up with the vocal mic audio on the video this week – AfroDJMac may have taken our “less discussion and more percussion” rant too literally.

Anyway – you can get the details and the download at the AfroDJMac site. And, if you like what’s he’s doing with his weekly Ableton Live downloads – don’t forget to let him know.