New Movie, ‘Enter The Dangerous Mind’, Explores The Horror Of Dubstep

enter-the-dangerous-mind-posterEnter The Dangerous Mind is a new psychological thriller about an up and coming dance music composer and his obsession over a caring social worker.

The movie, formerly titled ‘Snap’, was shown at SXSW and earned favorable reviews.

Film School Rejects’ Luke Mullen called the film “one of the most interesting films to play SXSW this year.’

Enter the Dangerous Mind will be available in theaters and via some streaming sites Feb. 6th. Continue reading

Sample Anatomy Releases ‘Future Trap & Glitch’ Construction Kit

Sample Anatomy has just released a new sound library, Future Trap and Glitch, which they’ve dubbed (ha) a construction kit for Trap, GltichHop, Dubstep or Broken Beat producers.

The creators have organized the sounds in Future Trap and Glitch into “kits” made up of different classes of “grooves,” collections of loops that all fit together. The user can then pull apart the anatomy of these grooves and use them as is, or remix and “remangle” to their hearts’ content. A total of 16 “grooves” come in two BPMs covering the lower and upper tempos:  100 and 140 Beats Per Minute. Continue reading

The Sickness Step Sequencer Max For Live Tutorials

Sonic Faction has published 2 new Max for Live tutorial videos featuring The Sickness Step Sequencer for APC40 and Launchpad.

The Sickness Step Sequencer comes with purchase of The Sickness, a new synth for Ableton Live. This device turns your APC40 or Launchpad into a hands-on, command center for The Sickness.

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