The Secrets Of Synthesizer Easter Eggs


For years, there’s been a tradition in the world of electronic music of “Easter eggs” – hidden messages, secret pictures and other things meant as surprising treats.

Here’s a roundup of some synthesizer Easter Eggs that we’re aware of. If you know of other ones, leave a comment!

The Matrix

Even hardcore fans of The Matrix frequently do not know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

At the beginning of the film, Trinity is in room 303 and Neo is in room 101. Rumor has it that the Wachowski brothers put those in as inside jokes for fans of electronic music, referring to the iconic Roland TB-303 and Roland SH-101 synthesizers.

Character names “Trinity” and “Morpheus” also were the names of new synthesizers at the time the movie was released.

MicroTonic Easter Eggs


Sonic Charge, makers of MicroTonic, embedded literal Easter Eggs as a treat for users – but only one day a year.  via Waveformless, by Marco Raaphorst

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Analogue Solutions Synthesizer Secrets

Dave at Attack Sustain has published a fun post looking at the secret “easter eggs” that are hidden on his Analogue Solutions synth modules.

If you look closely at the PCB above, you’ll see “my precious”. Leave your thoughts on what this means below.

I remember seeing some secret drawing on a Sequential Circuits Pro-One circuit board when I opened it up; you can see photos taken from another Pro-One here.

Do you know of any other secret “easter eggs” hidden on other synths? If so, or if you know the stories behind any of these synthesizer secrets, leave a comment or a link!