This Is Not The End (Eigenharp Alpha Meets Animoog 2)

Reader Geert Bevin, inspired by how Animoog 2 works with his Eigenharp Alpha as much as the impending apocalypse, created This Is Not The End. The composition explores how different types of touches on the Eigenharp can be used to create very different sounds with Animoog.

Here’s Bevin’s explanation of the technical details:

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Sometimes Is Not Enough (Eigenharp Alpha Synth Jam)

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Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, Eigenharpist Geert Bevin  performs an original looping composition, played live on the Eigenharp Alpha & Moog Slim Phatty.

Here’s what Bevin has to say about the song, Sometimes Is Not Enough:
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Game of Thrones Theme On Eigenharp Alpha

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Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via reader Geert Bevin, captures his looping arrangement of the Game Of Thrones theme on Eigenharp Alpha.

Here’s what he’s got to say about the performance:

Here’s a cover of the theme from ‘Game of Thrones’ that I’ve been working on and even though it’s not perfect yet, I thought it’s good enough to show some of natively modeled sounds of the Eigenharp.

The cello and the violin you’re hearing are the built into EigenD and tweaked a bit in terms of frequency and convolution to my liking. The rest are samples, ‘Epic Toms’ and ‘Requiem Pro’ from 8DIO, I’m also using Mobius for audio looping and triggering it both from a MIDI foot pedal and the Eigenharp.

All sounds were played live and recorded independently on separate tracks, then mixed afterwards.

Controlling A Modular Synth With An Eigenharp

This video, via bar|none explores controlling a modular synthesizer with an Eigenharp. It’s meant more as a technical demonstration than as a performance, and addresses some of the technical challenges of the setup.

This is a technical demonstration, meaning, I finished the technical coding, hooked it up, patched the simplest thing I could on the modular and started noodling.

The way this works is that since EigenD (eigenharps platform) is now open source, we’ve (with the help of eigenlabs) been able to crack it open a bit for hacking. We now have an OSC agent which pumps an insane volume of raw data out of the harp ready for some experimental harvesting.

In this demo, I have a MAX patch which sanitizes the data, and makes it expressly fit for translation to control voltage of a modular.

Some data points here. EigenD sends 2000 events per control point per second. Per note there are 3 high res control points per note (pressure, yaw, pitch). So that is 6000 events per sec translated over the wire into voltage. 2 more control points require voltage which are pitch and cv. That means using an audio interface for cv, you need 5 audio outs per level of polyphony. 5 outs for monophonic, 10 outs for duophonic, and up.

Luckily, monophonic is pretty amazing, duophonic is an incredible luxury and 3 levels is showing off.

After I have prototyped this, I could see writing an EigenD agent expressly to do this directly, making the eigenharp modular friendly out of the box.

I however have to mention that this would not be possible without Expert Sleepers Silent Way plugins as the OSC to CV bridge. Nor would it be possible without MAX in this prototype stage.

Bach On The Eigenharp Alpha

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Jose Silva sent in this video, via the Submit A Store page, capturing an elegant Bach performance on the Eigenharp Alpha:

Wonderful Instrument, just “lightly touching” it’s capabilities and expressiveness ( goes way beyond just playing one sound)

I am without words to describe how much I am fortunate enough to live this present times and play the Eigenharp’s ( ALPHA and PICO)


BangStrokeBlow – Eigenharp Alpha Synth Jam

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Here’s a little mid-week alternate-controller synth jamming from BangStrokeBlow.

BangStrokeBlow are a duo working with sounds, samples and beats on the Eigenlabs Eigenharp. They call themselves “the only duo of Eigenharpists in the world.”

BangStrokeBlow make dance-orientated, experimental music.

You can download BangStrokeBlow’s synth jams at their SoundCloud page.

Submitted by John Newman