Roli Unveils Equator Synthesizer, Because More Powerful Controllers Need More Powerful Synths

ROLI_Seaboard_GRAND_handsplaying In the last few years, there has been an explosion of innovation in the area of MIDI controllers, like the Roli Seaboard Grand multi-dimensional controller, above.

Today at Musikmesse 2015, Roli, the creators of the Seaboard Grand, introduced new cross-platform synth that’s specifically designed for advanced multi-dimensional controllers, Equator. Continue reading

EigenD – A Free and Open Music Performance Environment

This video, via developer Geert Bevin, is an introduction to EigenD – a general purpose music performance environment.

While EigenD was developed for using with the Eigenlabs Eigenharp, it’s grown into a free, open source performance platform, for all digital music instruments and controllers. Continue reading

Eigenlabs Planning New Batch Of Eigenharps


Reader Geert Bevin (the creator of GECO MIDI) let us know that a new batch of the Eigenharp Alpha is in the works:

The Eigenharp Alpha is Eigenlabs’ flagship instrument and due to the difficult building process and complex engineering, they’re built in batches. Since there have been enough people signed up through the waiting list, Eigenlabs is now kicking off a new build of maximum 40 instruments. If you’re interested in an Eigenharp Alpha, now is the time!

Details are available at the Eigenlabs forumContinue reading

The Eigenharp As A Game Controller – Extreme Overkill At Its Best

Eigenharpist Geert Bevin has found a new use for his Eigenlabs Eigenharp – as a game controller. It may be extreme overkill, but that has never been a problem for us at Synthtopia.

Here’s what Bevin has to say about using the Eigenharp as a game controller: Continue reading

This Is Not The End (Eigenharp Alpha Meets Animoog 2)

Reader Geert Bevin, inspired by how Animoog 2 works with his Eigenharp Alpha as much as the impending apocalypse, created This Is Not The End. The composition explores how different types of touches on the Eigenharp can be used to create very different sounds with Animoog.

Here’s Bevin’s explanation of the technical details:

Continue reading

Ambient Eigenharp Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: An ambient synth jam on the Eigenlabs Eigenharp, by Paul Harriman, at Electro-Music 2012.

via Mark Mosher