Korg Announces Next-Generation Electribe Music Production Station


Korg today introduced the Electribe Music Production Station, a next-generation, Ableton Live-friendly 16-track polyphonic synth groovebox.

The new Electribe features sixteen back- lit Trigger pads, an intuitive X/Y Touch pad, and is now more mobile than ever, because it can run on battery power (optional AC adapter available).

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Korg iElectribe Gets “Beat Flutter”

Korg recently updated its major iPad music apps to add AudioBus support. In addition to AudioBus, support, though, Korg added an interesting new feature to iElectribe, Beat Flutter.

This video demonstrates how Beat Flutter can be used to add variety to drum sequences.

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Making A Dubstep Track From The Sound Of A Door Stopper

YouTube Preview Image

Making a dubstep track from the sound of a dialup modem was apparently too easy, so muzik4machines decided to make a track from the sound of a door stopper:

the modem was too easy, all kind of noises and tones just perfect for creating drums, basses and everything, so this time i attacked the second most common dubstep myth, the door stopper, so i found myself 2 nice door stopper samples and built a whole song with them

Check it out an let us know what you think!

Giving It A Workout: Trance On The Korg Electribe EMX

Korg EMX-1

Need an idea for a track?

Try limiting yourself to one piece of gear – and giving it a workout.

Here’s a trance track built completely on a Korg Electribe EMX-1.

“It’s been five years since I posted my first YouTube video – a trance song composed entirely on the Electribe MX,” writes chisel316. “I thought it would be cool to set the EMX back up and compose a new song.”

YouTube Preview Image

The result may not be compelling video, but it shows off the capabilities of the Korg EMX – and it shows what you can do when you take one piece of gear and give it a workout.