Electrix Releases Custom Traktor Remix Decks For Tweaker

Electrix, the creator of the Tweaker MIDI controller, has announced the release of its custom mapping for the Tweaker and Traktor Pro Remix Decks.

Mapping Overview

The Remix Deck mapping was designed to allow the user to directly access Remix Decks C/D. The Tweaker’s layout assists in more easily controlling the remix decks, with its 32 button grid giving direct access to the 16 sample cells on each deck. The Tweaker’s grid section also provides direct access to sample settings like Punch, Monitor, FX, and Keylock functions.

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New Ableton Live Controller – Electrix Tweaker (Sneak Preview)

Electrix Tweaker for Ableton Live

Electrix Tweaker is a new performance controller for Ableton Live, Traktor, and for “music producers and performers of all genres”.

Tweaker features a grid of 32 rubber pads, backlit by RGB LEDs, and 8 velocity sensitive drum pads. There is a channel strip on each side of the grid, and a crossfader centered underneath. Continue reading