Electrix Releases Custom Traktor Remix Decks For Tweaker

Electrix, the creator of the Tweaker MIDI controller, has announced the release of its custom mapping for the Tweaker and Traktor Pro Remix Decks.

Mapping Overview

The Remix Deck mapping was designed to allow the user to directly access Remix Decks C/D. The Tweaker’s layout assists in more easily controlling the remix decks, with its 32 button grid giving direct access to the 16 sample cells on each deck. The Tweaker’s grid section also provides direct access to sample settings like Punch, Monitor, FX, and Keylock functions.

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New Ableton Live Controller – Electrix Tweaker (Sneak Preview)

Electrix Tweaker for Ableton Live

Electrix Tweaker is a new performance controller for Ableton Live, Traktor, and for “music producers and performers of all genres”.

Tweaker features a grid of 32 rubber pads, backlit by RGB LEDs, and 8 velocity sensitive drum pads. There is a channel strip on each side of the grid, and a crossfader centered underneath. Continue reading

Modular Jam Session

A nice modular jam session from shadofac.

What’s nice about this video is that he avoids most of the common modular synth cliches that show up in a lot of YouTube jams.

Here’s the gear rundown:

Sounds by synthesizers.com modular controlled by Mobius sequencer controlled by MIDI keyboard, and Moog theremin. Effects by Electrix Filter Factory, Yamaha E1010 delay, Lexicon MPX500, and Line6 Bass POD. Beats by Korg ES-1. Audio sync and keyboard playing sucks.

Electrix Returns With 7 New Products

Electrix is back! Electrix has announced 7 new products for 2005. The new gear is expected be available in April/May.

The new Electrix products have familiar faces, but have some distinct differences from their brethren. The new products are distinguishable with their new anodized aluminum faceplates.

Preliminary information:

electrix MOFX

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Electrix: Reloaded

ElectrixElectrix, best known for their colorful line of analog/digital rack effects, is coming back.

The company shut down several years ago. Since then, several of its products, including the Electrix Repeater, Warpfactory and FilterFactory, have become hot items on eBay.

Per the Electrix site:

We’re excited to announce the re-launch of your favorite effects and sampler mods, and early next year you’ll be able to put your hands on the hottest gear from Electrix at your local music retailer.

In the meantime, we’ll be making updates to the site – reorganizing, adding features and upgrading existing ones, such as the Electrix Disussion Boards.

For more information, check the Electrix site.