Electronic Music Works EMW-200 Review

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Atomic Shadow has posted a review of the new Electronic Music Works EMW-200 synthesizer – a modern take on the vintage ElectroComp EML-200.

In no time at all you have soundscapes from alien worlds (kind of my thing I guess), squiggly beeps and tweets, atonal ring modulated moaning, hissing and banging.

It has all of the fundamental building blocks of electronic sound in one nicely designed package.

This not some cheap toy. It is well built, solid, with wooden end panels. There are no menus or memories, just knobs and patch cords, the way God intended. Last night as I recorded the demo I thought that this thing is sort of the VCS3 that I will never be able to afford.

The Electronic Music Works EMW-200 synthesizer is priced at $1,299 and is available via the EMW site.

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Allen Ravenstine + Robert Wheeler On EML Modular Synthesizers

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Former Pere Ubu synthesist Allen Ravenstine and current synthesist Robert Wheeler, two legendary figures of Cleveland’s punk rock scene, met at Grant Avenue Studio to discuss and demonstrate the EML modular synthesizers that have been an integral part of the Pere Ubu sound for almost 40 years.

The interviews will be part of the upcoming film, I Dream of Wires: The Modular Synthesizer Documentary. The impromptu jam session that followed marked the first time the two have ever played together.

See the I Dream Of Wires site for details.