Laurie Spiegel – Improvisation On A Concerto Generator

Sunday Synth Jam: In this vintage electronic music performance from 1977, electronic music pioneer Laurie Spiegel performs Improvisation on a ‘Concerto Generator’.

Spiegel plays the Bell Labs Digital Synthesizer, an experimental additive synthesizer designed by Harold G. Alles and Douglas Bayer at Bell Labs in 1977-78. Continue reading

Thomas Dolby Now Professor Dolby At Johns Hopkins University


Johns Hopkins University has announced that synthpop pioneer Thomas Dolby is joining their faculty as the first ‘Homewood Professor of the Arts’.

At Johns Hopkins, starting in the fall, he will be teaching ‘Sound on Film’, a collaboration between Homewood’s Film and Media Studies program and Peabody’s Recording Arts and Sciences program. In the programe, students create soundtracks for films.

Dolby will also be the artistic director of the Program in Sound on Film at Station North, helping to lead the university’s efforts in Baltimore’s arts and entertainment district. Continue reading

Morton Subotnick NPR Interview

morton-subotnickElectronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick is featured in a new NPR interview that looks at his early, influential electronic works, his current work and his role as an ‘edm pioneer':

Morton Subotnick could fairly be called electronic music’s first hitmaker. His 1967 album Silver Apples of the Moon was an international sensation. Or, in his words, “It was like a bombshell.”

Silver Apples was the first piece of electronic music commissioned by a record label and was created on the first synthesizer small enough to sit on a table. Subotnick’s Greenwich Village workspace became a drop-in spot for musicians from The Mothers of Invention to The Grateful Dead to The Velvet Underground. One night, unfamiliar visitors arrived.

“Some [club owners] came in and said, ‘We just bought the name Electric Circus. We don’t know exactly what it is, but we were told if anyone knows, you would know.’ So I gave them a demonstration of an electric circus. They made me the director,” Subotnick says.

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Mr Müller Performs On Generator, Radio & 3 Tape Machines (Electronische Musik Jam)

Sunday Synth JamMr Müller, former assistant of Karl Heinz Stockhausen), performs on sine wave generator, FM radio and 3 tape machines. One tape machine is used to gate the sound input and the other two are used to make echo and reverb and overdub.

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Morton Subotnick Interview On Changes In Electronic Music, The Limitations Of MIDI

YouTube Preview Image

In this episode of the DubSpot Wireless interview series, electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick talks with Raz Mesinai about the evolution of music technology over the last 60 years.

Subotnick offers a critique of conventional approaches to electronic music and shares his perspective on the limitations of MIDI. Along the way, the interview features excerpts from Subotnick’s music.

Subotnick blew people’s minds in 1967 with his electronic album Silver Apples of The Moon. Subotnick continues to compose, tour, and work on interactive electronics and multimedia projects. And he’s recently released an iOS music app, Pitch Painter.