EMW Digi-Drum Eurorack Drum Sample Module

Electronic Music Works (EMW) has introduced the Digi-Drum – a sample player module with 100 carefully selected drum sounds

It includes the most famous and usable sounds from classic drum machines, including sounds from Roland TR, DR and Rhythm series and custom synthesized sounds.  Continue reading

The Electronic Music Works WCS-1 Wave Composition Analog Synthesizer

The Electronic Music Works WCS-1 Wave Composition Analog Synthesizer is a MIDI synthesizer module based around a digital oscillator, followed by all discrete analog circuits. According to EMM, the WCS-1 is designed to create ‘unusual and very fat sounds’.

The digital oscillator can produce a variety of waves, using individual wave shapes or combining multiple wave shapes to create complex wave shapes.

The WCS-1 is designed to be used with a MIDI controller, sequencer or other device that provides MIDI out and has a standard 1/4″ mono jack output to connect to mixer or audio interface.

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EMW Wave Composition Oscillator Eurorack Module

YouTube Preview Image

This video is an official demo video for Electronic Music Works’ Wave Composition Oscillator – a Eurorack format synth module:

In this initial video we present a sample of some of the waveforms that can be produced by our Wave Composition Oscillator in Eurorack format.

Many others can be generated by combining the waves using different mixing levels and more waveforms. No filter or effect was used.

The EMW Wave Composition Oscillator is available now, priced at US $169.

Electronic Music Works EMW-200 Review

YouTube Preview Image

Atomic Shadow has posted a review of the new Electronic Music Works EMW-200 synthesizer – a modern take on the vintage ElectroComp EML-200.

In no time at all you have soundscapes from alien worlds (kind of my thing I guess), squiggly beeps and tweets, atonal ring modulated moaning, hissing and banging.

It has all of the fundamental building blocks of electronic sound in one nicely designed package.

This not some cheap toy. It is well built, solid, with wooden end panels. There are no menus or memories, just knobs and patch cords, the way God intended. Last night as I recorded the demo I thought that this thing is sort of the VCS3 that I will never be able to afford.

The Electronic Music Works EMW-200 synthesizer is priced at $1,299 and is available via the EMW site.

via Atomic Shadow on Facebook

The Electronic Music Works EMW-200 Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

EMW 200 Synthesizer

Electronic Music Works has released these audio demos of their upcoming EMW-200 Electronic Sound Lab synthesizer.

The EMW-200 Electronic Sound Lab is conceived as an improved version of the vintage Electronic Sound Laboratories EML-200 synthesizer. The EML-200, introduced in 1969, was a synth sold primarily in the education market, but has been used since by Pere Ubu and others.

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Electronic Music Works Patch Generators For Vintage Synths

YouTube Preview Image

This is a demo of the Electronic Music Works Patch Synthesizer JX-810P, a patch generator for the the Roland JX-8P and MKS-70.

Here’s what EMW has to say about the Patch Synthesizer:

Our Patch Synthesizer is not just a patch randomizer, it uses an intelligent algorithm to create very usable sounds and has adjustable parameters to allow you to control the type of patch that will be created. Rediscover your synth with the EMW Patch Synthesizer series.

Electronic Music Works offers a variety of Patch Synthesizers, including ones for the Roland Alpha Junos and the Yamaha TX81Z / DX11. See the company site for details.

The Electronic Music Works microModular Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

This is a quick introduction to the Electronic Music Works microModular synthesizer – a new modular synth system that’s currently under development.

No pricing or availability information has been announced. It’s officially ‘coming soon’.