Analogue Solutions Concussor Modular Synth Drum Modules

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Saturday Synth Porn: Here’s an up close and personal look at the Analogue Solutions Concussor line of modular synth drum modules.

The Concussor modules feature pure analog voice circuitry. Many of the modules emulate the sound of classic Roland analog drums sounds.

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An Introduction To EM, From A Progger’s Perspective

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In this video, Live Prog’s Marcel Haster offers his perspective on ‘a progger’s journey into EM’.

This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive look at electronic music, but primarily synth music/space music that shares some elements with prog.

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Sound for Good Releases Oceans Benefit Album, Get 60 Tracks For $1 Or More

Sound For Good – a record label that publishes and promote new music as a means to support good causes – has released a new album, Oceans.

Oceans features 60 tracks, by a variety of electronic music artists, and is available for digital download for $1 or more. The artists have donated their work, all funds go to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

Theme For The Airtight Garage – Cary Grace On The Buchla 200

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Sunday Synth Jam: UK composer & producer Cary Grace performs an impromptu improvisation on the Buchla 200 Series Electric Music Box. 

Grace produces The Airtight Garage, a podcast that features space rock, psychedelia and the ‘lost gems of yesteryear’.

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Is Dubstep Avant Garde Musical Genius? PBS Want To Know

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Is dubstep avant garde musical genius?

Or did PBS just give conservatives the ultimate ammo for nuking the National Endowment For The Arts?

This video, via the PBS Idea Channel, makes the case that dubstep is the most recent member of the long-established Avant Garde community:

There is a long history of avant garde musicians and thinkers promoting the concept of noise and non-instrumental sounds as MUSIC, much to the horror of their audience. But over the past century, changes in technology and music genres have primed listeners, allowing mainstream audiences to enjoy the beautiful noise of Skrillex, Bassnectar & the whole Dubstep movement.

Give it a look and then weigh in below!