The Lumen Is Like An Electronic Handpan On Steroids

Developer Guy Jackson has launched an Indiegogo campaign to produce the Lumen, a self-contained electronic handpan.

The Lumen provides the playing experience of it’s acoustic inspiration, with the added benefits that electronics bring.

It features built-in amplified speakers, an advanced on-board audio processor and full velocity sensitivity. Being an electronic instrument, you can change the samples, change the pitches of the triggers, and output the audio signal or MIDI messages from the Lumen. Continue reading

The Millioniser 2000 MIDI Harmonica, (In-Depth Tutorial And History)

YouTube Preview Image

Remember the awesomely bizarre vintage MIDI harmonica, the Millioniser 2000, that we featured last week?

Millioniser’s Rock Erickson saw the post and followed up with more info and more videos.

Here’s what he had to say:

Thank you for your posting to your site and for your interest in Millioniser. You have inspired me and I produced a tutorial and hope this will give those of interest a more in depth understanding about the Millioniser – for starters anyway.

 will be updating the site in the near future. For now may I submit these new youtube video links and also some inside history of the Millioniser in text form you may find interesting. You have a great outreach and provide a wealth of information on your site.

Thank you for sharing Millioniser with the synth community.

Erickson sent along the show Millioniser Jam promo above and, even cooler, an in-depth look at the Millioniser 2000 controller and synthesizer, embedded below.

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The Eigenharp, Haken Continuum & LinnStrument – Three New Musical Instruments

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This is a follow up on the New Musical Instruments Tour, happening this week and next in San Francisco, CA.

This video, via SynthMeTV, captures the May 5th event at CCRMA, Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Audio (CCRMA).

Roger Linn hosted the New Musical Instruments Tour event:

  • The Eigenharp was demonstrated by Geert Bevin, Senior Software Developer from UK-based Eigenlabs.
  • The Continuum from Haken Audio, was demonstrated by Bay area pianist Ed Goldfarb.
  • Roger Linn lead the discussion and demonstrated the LinnStrument prototype.

It’s a long video, but, if you’re interested in new electronic instrument design, the discussion by Linn, Goldfarb and Bevin delivers the details.

Roger Linn’s Amazing New Musical Instrument Prototype – The LinnStrument

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The bad news is that the LinnDrum II probably won’t see the light of day for a while.

The good news is that electronic instrument pioneer Roger Linn (the LinnDrum) is up to something even more interesting.

Roger Linn posted this sneak preview of an amazing new musical instrument prototype – the LinnStrument – that features a multi-touch pressure sensitive control surface:

My particular interest is in a new instrument that while capable of entirely new sounds and playing techniques, is also able to reproduce the sounds, virtuosic performance capabilities and subtleties that we’ve come to know and love from traditional musical instruments, but without all their problems and limitations.

I’ve come up with a prototype of an instrument design that I like.

The prototype consists of a multi-touch, pressure-sensitive, high-resolution USB touch surface from a company called TouchCo (details below), plus a Max/MSP patch written by me and my wife Ingrid, and an OSC/TUIO driver written by a friend and fellow music/art/technology enthusiast named Tim Thompson.

This looks amazing – but it’s also likely to be vaporware unless Linn can generate some interest from investors. Continue reading