Sometimes Is Not Enough (Eigenharp Alpha Synth Jam)

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Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, Eigenharpist Geert Bevin  performs an original looping composition, played live on the Eigenharp Alpha & Moog Slim Phatty.

Here’s what Bevin has to say about the song, Sometimes Is Not Enough:
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Bob Moog’s Legacy

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This promo for The Bob Moog Foundation features musicians and panelists from Moogfest 2011, discussing their thoughts on Bob Moog’s legacy.

Featuring: Moby, Wayne Coyne, Diego Stocco, Eric Persing, Bryan Bell, Dick Hyman, Terry Riley, David Borden, Joel Cummins, Alan Vega and Torley.

Today is the 7th anniversary of Bob Moog’s death at age 71 and the 6th anniversary of the creation of the Bob Moog Foundation.

Open Mic: What New Electronic Music Are You Listening To?

Open Mic: Reader Andy Hagerty wants to know “What new Electronic Music are you listening to right now that you’d want to share with the Synthtopia readers?”.

Is it something from an artist that you think is under appreciated? Something new from an established artist? Something that you’re working on?

Leave a comment and let us know…..

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HEXTEP Analog Style Live MIDI Step Sequencer (First Look)

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Here’s a first look at the HEXTEP MIDI Step Sequencer, a analog style step sequencer.

t’s got some interesting tricks up its sleeve, including a built in voice & speaker for setting up sequencers, MIDI effects and a Euclidean Rhythm mode.

Pricing and availability are to be announced, but we’ve got a video sneak preview, plust details below.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the HEXTEP!

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The Analog Session – Ascension

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Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s a propulsive improvised synth jam, Ascension, by Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky, aka The Analog Session:

“Ascension” is the first of 4 video-clips resulting from a session held at Robotnick’s studio in April 2012. A couple of cuts were made to bring the original 20 minute session down to a 10 minute video. No adjustment to the music was made in post-production.

The parts played by Alexander Robotnick and Ludus Pinsky are totally improvised, with the exception of the central break and the theme of ascending notes that gives the title to the track. These two were previously agreed upon by the two musicians. The rhythmic part and the bass line were written on the sequencer in the modular synth operated by Ludus Pinsky. Some other sequencer lines derive from the main bass line.

The computer appearing in the video was used to record the performance on 24 tracks.

The video was shot by three standing cameras. The shots made by the mobile camera were mainly used to fill in the cuts.

“Ascension” is part of The Analog Session’s forth-coming album, scheduled for release in November 2012 by Hot Elephant Music.

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Analog Techno Improvisation

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Sunday Synth Jam: Analog techno improvisation, via YA YU, featuring Roland TB-303, TR-808, TR-909, Moog Minimoog, Analog Solutions Vostok, EMS VCS3, Korg SQ10, Sherman Filterbank 2 and more.